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How To Get the Hero’s Burden Iron Banner SMG in Destiny 2 & What Is the God Roll?


How To Get the Hero’s Burden Iron Banner SMG in Destiny 2 & What Is the God Roll?

Iron Banner has returned in Destiny 2 and today we discuss how to get the vicious Iron Banner SMG, Hero’s Burden.

Iron Banner has finally returned to Destiny 2 for Season of Plunder. On top of a brand new game mode, Eruption Clash, there’s also the return of Iron Banner-exclusive armor and weapons. One of which is a weapon that has continued to dominate the crucible for multiple seasons, the Hero’s Burden SMG. So today, let’s discuss how to get the Hero’s Burden SMG, as well as what the God Roll for it is.

How to get Hero’s Burden in Destiny 2

How to get Hero’s Burden in Destiny 2

  1. Start and compete in Iron Banner.

    In order to obtain your own copy of Hero’s Burden, you must play the featured Iron Banner game mode and earn reputation points. You also have a small chance of earning one at the end of each match.

    Destiny 2 Iron Banner Eruption buff

  2. Rank up and earn Iron Engrams

    Continue to earn reputation points until you increase your rank. Upon ranking up, head back to Saladin and claim an Iron Engram from him.

  3. Focus Iron Engrams for a better roll.

    After claiming an Iron Engram, you can now focus your engram and buy yourself more copies of Hero’s Burden until you reach the roll you want. However, you must have earned at least one Hero’s Burden prior to buying one from Lord Saladin.

What is the God Roll for Hero’s Burden?

There are a few noteworthy combos of perks that can make Hero’s Burden into a top-tier weapon. But of course, every gun must have the best roll. According to, the highest rated pair of perks considered the “God Roll” for the weapon is Zen Moment and Kill Clip. Zen Moment reduces recoil as you cause damage to an opponent over time, while Kill Clip gives a 33% damage increase upon reloading after a kill. This perk combination allows players to continuously shred their opponents down with virtually no recoil to the weapon, a fantastic option for close-quarters combat in the crucible.

Can you craft Hero’s Burden in Destiny 2?

Unfortunately, no, you aren’t able to craft it at this time. This applies to all other Iron Banner weapons as well. However, Bungie has said in a previous TWAB that there could be a possibility in a future season for Iron Banner weapons to become craftable. If and when they do become craftable in the future, we’ll be sure to update you with the information.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Hero’s Burden in Destiny 2. For more related info and other Destiny 2 news, including frequent updates of what’s coming in the universe, check our related articles below.

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