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Who Dies in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? Answered

Who Dies In DBS: Super Hero?

Who Dies in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? Answered

Wondering who’ll get wished back with the Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? Check out our guide to find out.

The Dragon Ball series as a whole has seen its fair share of death and resurrection thanks to the seven mystical dragon balls that can bring anyone back from the afterlife. It’s a concept that the series prides itself on and characters that bite the bullet rarely stay that way, others, however, aren’t so lucky.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero sees the return of Goku’s old enemies the Red Ribbon Army, and there are a fair few casualties by the time the credits roll. We’ll break down who dies in DBS: Super Hero and how likely they are to return. Be warned though, if you’re trying to avoid spoilers then I’ll tell you what this space isn’t – safe. Below is everything we know about who dies in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

Who Dies in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?

The body count in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is mostly comprised of key members of the newly reformed Red Ribbon Army. Despite a very close call for Picollo, the Z Warriors manage to escape their latest battle unscathed and live to fight another day. Below are three characters who are sent to the otherworld by the end of the film.


Image Source: Toei Animation

Magenta is the son of Goku’s old enemy Commander Red and is arguably the main antagonist of the movie. Magenta spends the majority of the film seeking revenge against Goku and his family, specifically targeting his son Gohan.

As such Magenta employs Dr. Hedo –the grandson of Dr. Gero– to construct a newer and deadlier version of Gohan’s arch-nemesis, Cell. When the Red Ribbon Army is overwhelmed by the combined force of Gohan and Picollo, Magenta decides to take the risk of activating the new ‘Cell Max’ android early.

Dr. Hedo recognizing the risk posed by Cell Max attempts to stop Magenta and is forced to kill him with a poisoned sting from his robotic mosquito, Hachimaru. Magenta feels like a one-and-done villain and isn’t much of a physical threat to the Z Warriors so it’s unlikely we’ll see him again. The Red Ribbon Army however are some of the Z Warriors’ deadliest enemies so it’s possible we’ll see them again under new leadership.

Gamma 2

Image Source: Toei Animation

Gamma 2 is one of the androids built by Dr. Hedo and is portrayed as a superhero to the public along with his twin Gamma 1.

Over the course of the film, Gamma 2 has a rivalry with Picollo before eventually learning that he has been manipulated by the Red Ribbon Army. Gamma 2 joins the Z Warriors in the final battle against Cell Max but sacrifices himself in a heroic move that severs the arm of the rampaging android.

As a result of using all his energy in the attack, Gamma 2’s body fades away but we’d wager this isn’t the last we’ve seen of the android. Dr. Hedo is employed by Capsule Corp. at the end of the movie which means he’d have the resources to rebuild Gamma 2.

Cell Max

Image Source: Toei Animation

The rampaging and monstrous kaiju clone of Cell is the final villain of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and pushes the Z Warriors to their limit.

This version of Cell comes with a failsafe though as Dr. Hedo implemented a weak spot in his head should he ever grow out of control. Despite being weakened by the combined efforts of Gamma 2 and Gotenks, Cell Max is still able to overwhelm the Z Warriors and brutally beats down Picollo.

Seeing his mentor at death’s door awakens a new power in Gohan allowing him to turn the tables against Cell Max. Gohan is able to end Cell Max with a well-placed Special Beam Cannon to the head. Cell Max’s body is completely obliterated and with no regeneration capabilities, it’s unlikely we’ll see Cell Max again. Although, a perfect version of Cell Max could be a fun concept to explore in the future.

That’s everything we know about who dies in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Be sure to check out the rest of our Dragon Ball coverage below.

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