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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Coming to Theatres Globally This Summer


Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Coming to Theatres Globally This Summer

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is the newest movie in the long-running franchise, and it’s just been announced that Crunchyroll and Toei Animation are bringing the movie to theatres globally this summer. It will be distributed in North America by Crunchyroll but, internationally, the distribution will be a joint effort between Crunchyroll and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

A June 11 release date was already revealed for Japanese audiences, but it’s not likely that the movie will be available to watch in theatres across the world on that exact same date. For now, all we know is that summer is the current global release window.

Both a subbed and dubbed version will be coming to theatres for those who enjoy one or the other. Additionally, the release is coming to theatres on all continents, including North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

This is the second movie in the Dragon Ball Super series, with the first being Dragon Ball Super: Broly — a film that ranked high at the U.S. box office upon release.

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