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How To Use 1 Mighty Mushroom in Tower of Fantasy

How to use 1 Mighty Mushroom in Tower of Fantasy
Source: Hotta Studio via Twinfinite

How To Use 1 Mighty Mushroom in Tower of Fantasy

Find and consume the Mighty Mushroom of TOF to unlock valuable rewards.

The Wanderer’s Log in Tower of Fantasy is a valuable platform that provides players with tools and resources after completing specific tasks. However, one of these missions involves a special ingredient that may be hard to come by when initially starting the game. So, to help with this task, we’ll show you how to use one Mighty Mushroom in TOF.

How To Use 1 Mighty Mushroom in Tower of Fantasy

Information about the Mighty Mushroom of Tower of Fantasy
Source: Hotta Studio via Twinfinite

Mighty Mushrooms are not like typical resources that you can find while wandering around the map of Tower of Fantasy. In fact, these items can only be obtained by unlocking Achievement and Exploration rewards due to their helpful quality of giving you a permanent increase in max endurance by 50.

If you click on Achievement in TOF, you’ll notice that Mighty Mushrooms can be awarded to you once you do enough tasks in the different subsections: Growth, Exploration, Battle, Life, Missions, and Social Networking. Players can earn these rewards by leveling up, gathering resources, interacting with their crew, battling formidable enemies, and completing story missions.

Source: Hotta Studio via Twinfinite

After accumulating enough points in Achievement, you’ll be able to claim the Mighty Mushroom and eat one from your Backpack inventory. Alternatively, players can do tasks from their Exploration section on the map in the bottom right corner, including areas like Astra, Banges, Navia, Crown, and Warren.

Players must check their current progress and the list of missions they can do to acquire the Mighty Mushroom. For example, you can unlock Supply Pods, take pictures at Scenic Points, and venture into Ruins to increase your chances of getting the item.

Getting Mighty Mushrooms in Exploration Rewards
Source: Hotta Studio via Twinfinite

Like the Achievement method, you’ll have to press the ‘Use’ button on the item after you’ve finished enough Exploration missions. Then, go to the Wanderer’s Log and get your much-deserved reward.

Although Mighty Mushrooms boosts your endurance, a restriction still forbids you from consuming more than four of them. But, you can raise this number when you level up your character in Tower of Fantasy.

That does it for our guide on how to use one Mighty Mushroom in Tower of Fantasy, and you can check out more information about the game by exploring the relevant links below. Be sure to also look at our guides on how to solve Ring of Echoes Music Notes puzzle and how to change character appearance.

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