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Destiny 2: TWAB All Weapons and Perks Buffs & Nerfs August 11 Explained (Update


Destiny 2: TWAB All Weapons and Perks Buffs & Nerfs August 11 Explained (Update

Bungie announces a massive sandbox update coming to Destiny 2 in Season 18. Today we go over the Weapon and Perk changes coming.

In the latest “This Week at Bungie,” the publisher announced massive sandbox changes for Destiny 2 in update when Season 18 launches. Season 18 will go live on Aug.23, shortly after the 2022 Destiny 2 Showcase premiere. Multiple archetypes of weapons and exotics are getting buffed and nerfed across the board in both PVE and PVP activities, including unique weapon perks. Considering how much information was announced, here’s a recap of all the Destiny 2 weapon buffs and nerfs coming in Update and showcased during TWAB.

All Destiny 2 Weapons and Perks Buffs & Nerfs August 11 Explained

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Destiny 2 Update Weapon Archetype Buffs

First, let’s go over the good news; buffs for underperforming weapon archetypes!

Scout Rifles

  • Bungie felt that Scout Rifles could still use a bit of love in PVE. Scout Rifles as a whole are receiving a 10% damage buff vs. Minor enemies (red bar) in all PVE activities.

High Impact (360 RPM) Auto Rifles

  • Compared to other sub-families of Auto Rifles, High Impacts have had great damage output but low ease of use, Bungie says.
  • All non-sunset High Impact Auto Rifles are getting increased stability, depending on the weapon.

Lightweight Bows

  • Bungie feels Lightweight Bows could use some help compared to their higher damage counterparts.
  • Lightweight Bows will now have reduced base draw time by 5% and increased Perfect Draw window From .30s to .50s on the low end and from .55s to .80s on the high end. This should hopefully allow them to see more usage in the future.

Dire Promise Kinetic Hand Cannon

  • Fixed Dire Promise’s zoom stat from 13 to now 14. This was a mistake from a previous update.


  • Glaives have received numerous buffs in prior updates, but they still have weird interactions with certain exotics, which doesn’t allow them to perform as intended.
  • Glaive melee attacks can now activate the Exotic armor perks on ACD/0 Feedback Fence, Karnstein Armlets, and Necrotic Grip. With this change, Glaives should now work entirely as intended.

Breech Grenade Launchers

  • The perk concussion grenades will now no longer roll in the magazine slot. This is because another perk, Blinding Grenades, is a better option in the same slot, so it serves no purpose.

Heavy Grenade Launchers

  • Heavy Grenade Launchers used to be a staple weapon for PVE activities in past seasons. Since then, they have fallen dramatically off the spectrum, and Bungie is looking to fix that.
  • Heavy Grenade Launchers will receive a 10% damage buff against Major enemies and above (orange and yellow bars). The only Heavy Grenade Launcher not receiving this buff is the Exotic weapon, Parasite, as Bungie feels it already does enough damage.

Dares of Eternity Weapons

  • Dares of Eternity Weapons will have updated perk pools and receive Origin Traits.
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Destiny 2 Update Perk Updates/Changes

Now let’s talk about the Perks.

Gambit and Iron Banner Origin Traits

  • The Gambit and Iron Banner Origin Traits are getting redesigned. The Gambit origin trait will now be called “Gun and Run.” The perk will now give a sprint speed increase on multi-kills.
  • The Iron Banner Origin trait, Skulking Wolf, will now activate on kills while at low health (so it will work in all PVP now).

Ambitious Assassin

  • Due to falling behind other perks with similar functions, such as Overflow, Bungie is buffing this perk to have a higher potential than before, as they state in the TWAB.
  • Ambitious Assassin will now have increased magazine overflow from 10% to 20% per kill on Primary weapons only (Special and Heavy weapons are still 10%).
  • It will also have an increased overflow cap from 50% to 150%.


  • Cooldown has been removed, allowing for Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers to return more ability energy when defeating groups with a single shot.

Lead from Gold

  • It wasn’t working as intended when two special weapons were equipped.
  • Will now give correct ammo to each weapon even if two special weapons are equipped.

Veist Stinger

  • Fixed a bug where it would apply a charge time reduction to Linear Fusion Rifles—it will now correctly only refill the magazine from reserves when it triggers on these weapons.

That’s a lot to take in at once! The most note-worthy changes thus far would be the damage buffs to Scout Rifles, the updates to the Dares of Eternity Weapons, and the Ambitious Assassin buff. But that’s only half the information from this TWAB.

As we mentioned earlier, we’ll talk about the changes made to some Exotic weapons and armor another time, but that was at least all the Destiny 2 weapon buffs and nerfs coming in Update and showcased during TWAB. For more related info and other Destiny 2 news, including frequent updates of what’s coming in the universe, check our related articles below.

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