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Dying Light Support Ends With Launch of Definitive Edition

Dying Light Support Ends With Launch of Definitive Edition

Dying Light Support Ends With Launch of Definitive Edition

The final breath is upon us.

After seven long years, Techland is finally closing the curtains when it comes to supporting Dying Light. The game, first launched in 2015, has welcomed plenty of patches, content updates, and expansions, and to finish things off with a bang, the Dying Light: Definitive Edition will launch June 9 with a 70% discount for all platforms save the Nintendo Switch, which will come at a later date.

The Definitive Edition contains the base game and will include all 26 pieces of DLCs. That means all of the important expansions, various content updates, and even skin bundles to ensure you look fresh while taking the fight to the undead. It is also going to be the best way to experience Dying Light in its entirety without jumping through hoops.

For new players or even the ones that have been supporting the game thus far, Techland is throwing in one more bonus just to sweeten the deal even further. The Harran Tactical Unit Bundle will be free for two weeks, and grants players additional armor skins and a collection of weapons, and can be obtained from the various digital storefronts.

And if you were wondering, those who own the Platinum version of Dying Light will get their game automatically upgraded to the Definitive Edition for free.

Once players are done with everything the Definitive Edition has to offer, there is always the small matter of Dying Light 2 and the city of Villedor awaiting. If the sequel can get the same support, as Techland had previously outlined, then there is going to be more gaming goodness for everyone to enjoy.

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