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10 Best Minecraft Modpacks


10 Best Minecraft Modpacks

Mods and rockers.

The world of Minecraft is truly a wonderful thing. It’s one of those games that offers pure creative freedom in just about every facet of its design. Still, despite how fully-featured the vanilla version of Minecraft is, there are still gaps that can be filled by using modpacks, which are essentially collections of mods tailor-made to work in conjunction with each other. So, without further ado, here are the 10 best modpacks you can get in Minecraft right now.


10 Best Minecraft Modpacks

Minecraft Best Modpacks, Blockfront
Image Source: BoehMod

If you’ve ever played Minecraft and wondered ‘Where the heck are all the guns?’, then this is the modpack for you. Not only does it immerse players in a new World War II setting where you get to complete missions and level up, but you’ll also net a handful of entertaining multiplayer modes that are super fun, especially when you’re playing with friends.

Oh, and there’s even a mission where you get to storm the beach at Normandy, which will definitely resonate well with all you Call of Duty fans out there!

SkyFactory 4

10 Best Minecraft Modpacks

Minecraft best modpacks, Skyfactory 4
Image Source: Darkosto

Much like Skyblock before it, SkyFactory 4 effectively turns the whole idea of Minecraft on its head. Instead of spawning into a world that’s huge and vast, SkyFactory 4 spawns you onto a tiny island high up in the sky. Your goal is to expand your miniature kingdom by completing challenges with very little resources.

The end result is a blend of deep RPG and survival mechanics replete with a dizzying number of skill trees. Surprisingly addictive stuff!


10 Best Minecraft Modpacks

Image Source: Shivaxi

I know it’s trite to compare games to Dark Souls, but RLCraft is basically the Dark Souls of Minecraft modpacks. What does that even mean, I hear you ask? Well, this modpack is super hardcore.

Not only does it feature dragons, skeletons, and a whole plethora of monsters that can literally one-hit kill you, but you’ll also have to manage your hunger, thirst, and overall warmth. Possibly one of the most popular modpacks on this list, and for good reason!


10 Best Minecraft Modpacks

Image Source: PixelmonMod

If you’ve got a soft spot for Nintendo’s much-adored Pokemon franchise, then this may be the perfect modpack for you.

Indeed, Pixelmon adds a ton of Pokemon-like monsters to Mojang’s beloved create-’em-up, as well as a bespoke soundtrack and a bunch of other handy mods to keep you busy as well. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to trade and battle with other trainers across different multiplayer servers. Guess it’s time to catch ’em all in Minecraft, too!

Forever Stranded

10 Best Minecraft Modpacks

Minecraft Best Modpacks, Forever Stranded
Image Source: 9Minecraft

Another hardcore modpack akin to the aforementioned RLCraft, Forever Stranded sees you crashing your spacecraft onto a mysterious desert planet. While Captain Jean-Luc Picard would be disappointed with your landing skills, your exploratory skills may prove impressive depending on how things shake out.

With only your wits and your moxie at your disposal, you’ll have to take on this incredibly challenging modpack that boasts nasty undead beasties that really want to see you pushing up the virtual daisies. Live long and prosper, folks!

Jurassic World Reborn

10 Best Minecraft Modpacks

Minecraft Best Modpacks, Jurassic World Reborn
Image Source: JWR

Cue that epic Jurassic Park theme music and welcome to… Jurassic World Reborn. In this dinosaur-themed modpack, you’ll get to explore the iconic park for yourself and witness the beauty and splendor of 91 different species of prehistoric reptiles.

You’ll also net a bunch of new weapons, food items, and vehicles, including a few helicopters and those signature green and yellow jeeps from the movies. I guess you could say that in this mod… life finds a way. (Sorry!)

Star Wars Conquest

10 Best Minecraft Modpacks

Minecraft Best Modpacks, Star Wars Conquest
Image Source: Star Wars Conquest

If you’re more of a fan of George Lucas and Disney’s galaxy far, far away, then this may be the ideal modpack for you.

Not only will you be granted access to a handful of the best Star Wars mods around, but you’ll also get the opportunity to fly some of the most iconic starfighters in the sci-fi franchise, shoot a plethora of super cool blasters, and do battle with those emblematic lightsabers as well. In short: with this Minecraft modpack, you’ll truly be able to become one with the force.

Better Minecraft

10 Best Minecraft Modpacks

Best Minecraft Modpacks, Better Minecraft
Image Source: Better Minecraft

If you’re looking for the quintessential Minecraft experience, then Better Minecraft is a great place to start.

From overhauling the entire game with new biomes, structures, dungeons, and dimensions to introducing a bunch of new pillager types, quality-of-life improvements, and unique bosses, this mod just… well, makes Minecraft better; hence the name. Simple as that!

Mineshaft & Monsters

10 Best Minecraft Modpacks

Best Minecraft Modpacks, Mineshaft & Monsters

On the hunt for a more traditional ye olde RPG experience? Well, look no further, as Mineshaft & Monsters has got you covered.

In this popular modpack, you’ll be tasked with completing an in-depth questline where you’ll have to work and build up trust with the villagers in a bid to acquire better gear. You’ll also gain access to a ton of quality-of-life improvements, hundreds of animals, monsters, and dragons, and even a reputation system that influences the many different factions in this brave, new world. Definitely one of the more immersive mods on this list.

Fabulously Optimized

10 Best Minecraft Modpacks

Best Minecraft Modpacks, Fabulously Optimized
Image Source: Fabulously Optimized

It’s always a kick in the teeth when you’re trying to play the latest game, and the framerate keeps on chugging like a slug with a hangover because some nicknack needs to be upgraded. Thankfully, you don’t always have to shell out the big bucks to get your games running reasonably, especially when it comes to Minecraft.

That’s right, Fabulously Optimized helps to improve the overall performance and visual fidelity of your moment-to-moment experience as you explore Mojang’s block-shaped world. You can use it in conjunction with other mods, if you so choose, or you can simply apply it to the vanilla version of the game. You’re the boss!

So, there you have it. We hope this helped to clue you in on the 10 best modpacks you can get in Minecraft right now. For more on Minecraft, go ahead and check out our 7 best cottages, 7 best underground bases, and 10 best bedroom ideas. Or alternatively, feel free to peruse the relevant links below.

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