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Dying Light 2: Is There Photo Mode? Answered

Photo Mode in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2: Is There Photo Mode? Answered

We’re well into the new generation, and games are just getting prettier and prettier. It seems like plenty of developers are now aware of how many fans want a photo mode to capture the majesty of a game. With Dying Light 2, Aiden sees some pretty spectacular views as he climbs and explores. So then the important question we are here to answer: is there a photo mode in Dying Light 2?

Is There a Photo Mode in Dying Light 2?

At the moment, there isn’t a built-in photo mode in Dying Light 2 for you to capture all of the amazing moments you experience throughout the game. You are going to have to rely on your console’s (or PC’s) screenshot capabilities to keep pictures throughout your Dying Light 2 journey.

However, to make things easier, there are options in the game to limit HUD that might otherwise clutter the perfect screenshot.

Photo Mode in Dying Light 2 HUD

While it doesn’t fix everything or give you the more sophisticated tools that other games might allow in their photo modes, it does help.

Also, to further soothe any worries, there are plans to release a Photo Mode for the game, but no current estimate on when it might launch for the game.

A tweet by lead designer Tymon Smektala describes a photo mode as “in the pipeline.”

There you have it fellow pilgrims, all you need to know for if there is a photo mode in Dying Light 2.

For more Dying Light 2 guides and information, check out our Guide Wiki. But if you are looking for specific guides, you might want to start with how to play the game in co-op or if you can expect a new game plus mode after you beat the game. Be sure to keep coming back as we are certainly nowhere near guiding the game!

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