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FFXIV Endwalker: How to Get Petalouda Scales

endwalker petalouda scales

FFXIV Endwalker: How to Get Petalouda Scales

Endwalker is the fourth and latest expansion to be released for Final Fantasy XIV, and it wraps up the long-running story arc surrounding the central conflict between Eorzea and Garlemald. This expansion introduces new regions like Old Sharlayan and Thavnair, and there are plenty of new resources and materials to gather as well. Here’s how to get Petalouda Scales in FFXIV Endwalker.

Getting Petalouda Scales in FFXIV Endwalker

Petalouda Scales are a new resource you can get in Endwalker, and you can either purchase them from Gemstone Traders, or farm them yourself by killing the Petalouda mobs. There are three types of Petalouda enemies (Kokkine, Kyane, and Ianthine), and they can all be found at around the same location, as listed below:

  • Elpis – Philomythes Notos (X:20, Y:28 and X:25, Y:34)

The Scales drop rate is decent, but it can still be fairly slow going as you’ll have to wait for the mobs to respawn.

If you don’t want to farm them manually, you can also purchase them from the following Gemstone Trader NPCs:

  • Aisara: Elpis – Anagnorisis (X:24.5, Y:23.5)
  • Gadfrid: Old Sharlayan – The Agora (X:13, Y:10.5)
  • Sajareen: Radz-at-Han – West Balshahn Bazaar (X:11, Y:10)

These NPCs will sell you one Petalouda Scale in exchange for two Bicolor Gemstones, which can be farmed very easily just by completing FATEs in any of the Endwalker zones.

How to Use Them

If you’re not a crafter, you don’t really have to worry about hoarding Petalouda Scales, as they’re only used in the following crafting recipes:

  • Commanding Craftsman’s Draught
  • Enchanted Manganese Ink
  • Rarefied Enchanted Manganese Ink
  • Sungold Firesand

They can also be used to complete levequests, which will reward you with tons of crafter experience points.

That’s all you need to know about how to get and use Petalouda Scales in FFXIV Endwalker. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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