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6 Games We Think the Rock Is Totally Bringing to the Silver Screen


6 Games We Think the Rock Is Totally Bringing to the Silver Screen

In a recent interview with Men’s Journal, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson — the burly mountain of muscle with a million-dollar smile — revealed that he intends to “bring one of the biggest, most badass games to the screen.”

The Rock stated that an announcement was coming but that he could not divulge which franchise he was referring to. This is not unfamiliar territory, as he has both Doom and Rampage under his belt. That particular belt hangs shamefully in an unassuming corner of the basement, as both of those movies were quite dreadful.

So what could Dwayne Johnson be hinting at? The gaming world is abuzz with the possibilities, and we’re throwing our hat into the ring with a list of options that will someday prove prophetic. Don’t be surprised when he actually elects to do all six of them in quick succession. Or simultaneously. He’s pretty versatile, you know.

Also, our hat is an expensive fedora with a playing card wedged into the band, and we would like it back when you’re done with it.



Alright, picture this. You’re at the cinema, and a trailer starts playing for an upcoming movie. A dark, dingy arena appears onscreen. It’s empty at first until a variety of colorful shapes begin to rain down from above. Faster and faster they fall, with the only thought on your mind what kind of horrible fate will take place if they were to fill up the entire space.

Soon, the disembodied navigator tasked with controlling these shapes has become overwhelmed. The stack has almost reached the top, and disaster is moments away.

Then, he appears: Dwayne Johnson as a tetromino.

He lands with such force that all of the other blocks crumble in his wake. His momentum builds, flames erupting from his neon flesh as a piercing roar escapes his throat. The screen cuts to white, then the title card appears.

Dwayne Johnson… is… Tetris.

It’s a literal blockbuster! Siskel and Ebert give it no thumbs up, but only because they’ve both been dead for many years.

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