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Riders Republic: How to Switch to First-Person & Third-Person Views


Riders Republic: How to Switch to First-Person & Third-Person Views

The map in Riders Republic is pretty massive, and its teeming with different events for players to complete, collectibles to find, and other players trying to earn Stars to level up. By default, you’ll start off with the camera in a third-person view behind your character, but there’s actually a way to change to first-person in Riders Republic, and this guide is here to explain how to switch between the two perspectives.

Switching to First-Person View in Riders Republic

To switch to first-person, simply press R3 on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles. That’s simply pushing the right analog stick down into the controller until you hear a clicking noise.

riders republic first-person view

This shouldn’t take too much pressure by the way, so don’t go snapping your controller in half with Hulk-like strength now. Nobody needs controller shards in their life.

Whenever you want to change back to third-person view in Riders Republic, simply press R3 again. The camera will then revert to its default positioning behind your character.

Should You Use First-Person or Third-Person View?

We personally found that the first-person camera was great for an immersive experience, but the third-person view was helpful for events as it gave us a wider view of our surroundings and where that next checkpoint may be hiding.

Ultimately the decision is yours, so we recommend trying both out and seeing which one you prefer.

That’s everything you need to know on switching to first-person view and back to third-person in Riders Republic. For more tips and tricks, head over to our wiki or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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