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Lightyear Teaser Trailer Released, Film Set to Debut Summer 2022


Lightyear Teaser Trailer Released, Film Set to Debut Summer 2022

Well, well, it looks like after all these years Woody was wrong. Buzz Lightyear is no longer just a toy. Last year, Lightyear was announced in a massive info dump from Disney with information about other Disney properties like Wandavision, Loki, Star Wars: Bad Batch, and more. And today, the world got its first look at the film’s visuals along with the first lines we’ve heard from Chris Evans as the voice as Buzz Lightyear.

The trailer starts with a wide shot of a launchpad, then quickly cuts to Buzz zipping up a space suit while wearing a t-shirt that has PROPERTY OF STAR COMMAND printed on it and a couple of dog tags that indicate his blood type is O positive. The suit seen through most of the trailer is a cloth suit that’s markedly different from Buzz’s more bulky signature space suit.

Even the spaceship that Buzz flies around in through most of the Lightyear trailer has a more realistic look than what the Star Command pilot has had throughout the years. All the while, David Bowie’s Starman is playing in the background throughout the trailer.

As the end of the teaser approaches, we see Buzz admiring the Star Command suit that is his iconic getup from the Toy Story movies. And after a quick flash of the title card, it cuts back to Buzz and another member of Star Command wearing the classic suits and talking to each other.

Buzz’s buddy reaches out to him while saying, “To infinity,” but the trailer cuts out right as buzz says, “and.” It looks like we’ll either have to wait until the next trailer or even the release of the film to hear the classic line.

Lightyear is coming to theaters in the Summer of 2022. There is currently no indication that this movie will launch the same day on Disney+.

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