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Toby Fox Invites Undertale Fans to a Special Deltarune Livestream

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Toby Fox Invites Undertale Fans to a Special Deltarune Livestream

Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale and followup game Deltarune, has invited fans to a “very special event” that’s taking place next week. For Undertale’s 6th anniversary, Fox and other guests will be streaming chapter one of Deltarune with live commentary on YouTube.

The livestream will take place on Sept. 15, exactly one week from today, at 7 pm ET. Fox informed fans of the event’s details via Twitter with a short video animation of an invitation.

Fox explained that three dads from Fangamer will join him in this special Deltarune stream, and that his own participation will be through text-to-speech, as he famously tends to shy away from the camera.

Since the announcement, fans have been speculating and wondering if this could mean there will be some kind of information or teaser on the rest of the Deltarune game. Some eagle-eyed fans noticed that the words “IGNORE THIS” are written faintly on the invitation. Is it a joke by Fox or a hint at something more?

Chapter one of Deltarune is currently available to play for free on all platforms, and the rest of the game will be released sometime in the future. There is no current timeline for its release, but perhaps it is possible that we will learn something new about the game’s status next week during this livestream.

Last year, Undertale celebrated its 5th anniversary with a free concert stream with the help of Fangamer and 8-4.

In any case, if you’re interested in watching the Deltarune chapter one stream with Fox and his guests, he will post a link shortly before it begins on his Twitter account.

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