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Only Outstanding Hogwarts Students Can Name These Harry Potter Side Characters

harry potter quiz

Only Outstanding Hogwarts Students Can Name These Harry Potter Side Characters

The incredible popularity and success of the Harry Potter films have seen the franchise become a cornerstone of pop culture, adored by children and adults alike. And aside from the titular wizard himself, Harry’s two best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, are equally among the most recognizable fictional characters from any story ever.

Of course, the Harry Potter saga is memorable not just for its iconic trio but a whole host of personalities from across Hogwarts and beyond. The question is, though, who of them springs to mind when you’re put on the spot? More specifically, how many!

In this quiz, we’ll be tasking you with remember the names of 15 side characters who Harry and his pals bumped into along the course of their epic adventure at one point or another. Some of them feature fairly frequently throughout the series, while others were only brief cameos. Suffice to say, you’ll have to be a true Harry Potter fan to nail this one. Good luck!

Only Outstanding Hogwarts Students Could Name These 15 Harry Potter Side Characters

Name this Hogwarts student.
Who is this Wizard?
What is the name of this Quidditch Player?
What type of hat is this?
Who is this pure-blooded witch?
Who is the female student standing to the right?
What is the name of this young student?
Who is this young boy?
Name this pure-blooded witch.
Who is this Squib?
Who is this house-elf?
Who is this Ghost?
Who is this student?
Who is the French lady on the Right?
Who is this Muggle?

Image sources: Warner Bros.

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