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How Well Do You Remember Super Mario 64? Take This Trivia Quiz To Find Out

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How Well Do You Remember Super Mario 64? Take This Trivia Quiz To Find Out

Super Mario 64 turns 25 years old this year, which is pretty hard to believe that so much time has gone by since its release. This iconic game was released alongside the Nintendo 64 in 1996, marking the beginning of Mario’s adventures on a three-dimensional plane.

The game has an incredible legacy; nearly every 3D platformer to this day has taken some sort of inspiration from this Mario adventure. It was truly a trailblazer for the genre, and it is still an absolute blast to play nowadays.

More than two decades later, we’re still celebrating our love for the game. In fact, just last year, it was included in the legacy collection Super Mario 3D All-Stars on the Switch for the franchise’s 35th anniversary. Additionally, later this year, it’ll be added to the Nintendo Switch Online Nintendo 64 service. Both old fans and new fans alike can continue to enjoy this game.

Whether you played it back in the day when it was released or more recently, you surely know how impactful it was on gaming history. We want to see how much you remember about the game. Can you answer each of these questions about Super Mario 64 correctly? Let’s find out.

How Well Do You Remember Super Mario 64? Take This Trivia Quiz To Find Out

How many total Power Stars can you collect in the game?
In the course Whomp's Fortress, where is the Whomp King's weak spot?
How many different times can you race Koopa the Quick?
What is the name of the sea dinosaur who lives in Hazy Maze Cave?
In which level can you find Klepto the Condor?
Which of these is NOT a special cap in the game?
How many times do you fight Bowser over the course of the entire game?
What is the correct name of this level?
screenshot of super mario 64 of mario standing in front of a haunted house
What is the name of the yellow rabbit that runs around the castle?
How many Power Stars do you need before you can fight the final boss of the game?
What does Yoshi give you when you collect 120 Power Stars?
Where does the Princess kiss Mario at the end of the game?
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