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Spring 2021 Gave Us Some Amazing Debut Anime


Spring 2021 Gave Us Some Amazing Debut Anime

It is pretty hard to imagine that anything could come close to the winter 2021 season in terms of quality anime, especially when it comes to debuts. That season alone gave us the premiere of shows like Hormiya, Sk8 the Infinity, and Wonder Egg Priority just to name a few. Yet, somehow, spring 2021 managed to pump out just as many amazing debut anime.

Odd Taxi
Image Source: OLM & P.I.C.S

Just about every single one of the spring 2021 anime that debuted had their own unique and interesting draw to them. If we’re talking about ones that stand out, though, Odd Taxi is the clear winner.

Set in a world full of anthropomorphic animals, Odd Taxi follows a 41-year old walrus taxi driver named Odokawa. As the show starts out, everything seems pretty straightforward, with the plot following the interactions between him and the other animals that use his services.

These straightforward conversations gradually lead to a plot that puts Odokawa smack dab in the middle of a handful of mysteries, including a missing girl, a gunman hellbent on revenge, and pop idols with gang affiliations. The entire show is a wild ride, and just about every character, story, or interaction has a meaning that leads to the most satisfying payoff of the season.

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