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6 2020 Anime Series Debuts That Have Bright Futures


6 2020 Anime Series Debuts That Have Bright Futures

2020 has been yet another amazing year for anime, especially when it comes to debuting series. From light-hearted, slice of life to gritty horror and action, this year has had it all in its freshman shows.

Anime has been so good this year, that one may even argue that a lot of them are the building block of the future of the genre. We’ve compiled a list of six of those series, explaining why we think that they have bright futures down below.

Tower of God

Of all of the new anime to come out in 2020, Tower of God’s concept is simultaneously the most simple but also the most brilliant: “At the top of the Tower exists everything in this world, and it can all be yours.” Right off the bat, the show puts forth a perfect formula to pace and level its plot and give its characters motivation. 

Like everyone else, our main character, Bam, intends to reach the top of the Tower to fulfill his one desire. Unlike everyone else, Bam isn’t driven by greed but instead just wants his friend back. 

Bam’s character is so pure and innocent that characters and viewers can’t help but love him. Combine this with his amnesia, and you also have the perfect device for explaining the world without merely info-dumping.

The craziest thing is that everything we’ve seen so far has merely been the prologue. Now that the world-building has its foundation, Tower of God can spread its wings and dive into progressing its plot and power system. 

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