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Someone Dressed up My Hero Academia’s Eri as Other Heroes & It Is Kawaii


Someone Dressed up My Hero Academia’s Eri as Other Heroes & It Is Kawaii

Ever since Eri was introduced in the third episode of season four in My Hero Academia, fans have agreed that everything must be done to protect this precious child. To commemorate her adorableness, one talented artist went out of their way to somehow make everyone’s favorite child quirk user even more kawaii.

As you can see in the pictures below, an Instagram user that goes by the name YourDrawingPineapple reimagined what it would look like if Eri dressed up as some of the heroes of Class 1-A.

Those images include her cosplaying as Midoriya, Tsu, and many more. She even throws some love outside of the group and dresses up as Shinso. Anyone that would like to support YourDrawingPineapple can head on over to their Patreon, where they offer an array of different tiers that’ll net you some pretty neat stuff.

If you’re still looking for My Hero Academia-related news, features, and quizzes we’ve got for the show below. That includes plenty of info on the game, My Hero: One’s Justice, which is constantly adding in new DLC like Gentle and La Brava.

There is also lots of anime articles for you to enjoy on the site as well, including everything from Demon Slayer to Attack on Titan to Odd Taxi.

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