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7 My Hero Academia Characters Powerful Enough to Be in Class 1-A


7 My Hero Academia Characters Powerful Enough to Be in Class 1-A

In My Hero Academia, being in U.A. Academy’s Class 1-A is seen as being the very best of the best, as it only accepts students that have really impressive scores, intelligence, and Quirks. As we’ve seen throughout the show, though, the students that make up this class aren’t the only ones that are trying their very best to become pro heroes.

There are plenty of heroes from other courses that were overshadowed, and we think it is time that they get the credit they deserve. These are the seven My Hero Academia characters that deserve to be in Class 1-A.

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Juzo Honenuki (Mudman)

My Hero Academia Characters That Should Be in Class 1-A

My Hero Academia Class 1-A
Image Source: Studio Bones

At first glance, Juzo Honenuki might not look like an everyday hero, as his skull-like appearance and pale skin might be frightening to some. As soon as you really get to know Juzo, though, it’s clear he is the embodiment of a hero.

As soon as round three of the Joint Training Battle starts, Juzo takes the lead, creating a calculated plan of attack that incapacitates and isolates core members of Class 1-A thanks to his Softening Quirk. This ability essentially lets him turn anything he touches into quicksand, allowing him to control the environment and landscape of the battlefield.

On top of this, Juzo can also swim through the softened material, letting him navigate the area undetected, giving him a huge tactical advantage when it comes to recon. Combine all of this with a calm and understanding demeanor, and a drive to win, and you’ve got a great hero.

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