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My Hero Academia Holiday Gift Guide 2020 for the #1 Hero in Your Life

my hero academia

My Hero Academia Holiday Gift Guide 2020 for the #1 Hero in Your Life


My Hero Academia has some of the coolest merch around, featuring clothing for men, women, and children of all ages and sizes. 

Just take a look at Amazon’s realistic looking UA hoodies. Not only will this make whoever flaunts it feel like just about any member of Class 1A, but it’s also the perfect time of year to get some cold-weather gear. 

While hoodies are great and all, the only thing worse than having cold feet in December is having cold and unfashionable feet. Walmart solves both of those issues with their adorable All Might socks, which even feature his patient hair squiggles along the sides.

Last but not least, Crunchyroll is selling a shirt that would make anyone want to know more about what its graphic means. The My Hero All Might Plus Ultra T-shirt puts the world’s #1 hero front and center, with the image looking like it was ripped straight out of a manga panel. 

Action Figures and Plushies

Ever wanted to hang out with your favorite My Hero Academia characters? Well, getting your hands on these adorable plushies is the next best thing. 

Whether it’s Crunchyroll’s adorably compact 3″L x 2.5″W x 6″H All Might 6 plushie or Hot Topic’s weird hamster-like 6″ x 4″ polyester Todoroki, you can’t go wrong with getting either of these plushies. 

For those that are a bit more serious when it comes to their collecting, Crunchyroll also has the perfect figuring for you. This 180 mm tall Lemillion Age of Heroes statue is available now for $25, featuring the infamous flowing red cape that wraps up Eri in season 4.

DVDs and Manga Volumes

my hero academia

While My Hero Academia’s anime content is easy to find on sites like Crunchyroll and Hulu, it’s a bit more difficult to stream the movies. Thankfully, Best Buy has both options available for purchase. 

Not only that, but Two Heroes and Heroes Rising are both available in SteelBook format for under $30 each. These are great for the collector in your life and even come with a digital copy of each movie as well. 

Grabbing the Manga is never a bad idea either, especially since Amazon sells volumes in bulk. While the price point may seem steep, it’s well worth it if you can afford it to get your hands on all 15 volumes of My Hero Academia at once.

Posters and Banners

my hero academia

If you’re on the hunt for something affordable but still stylish, posters are a good way to go, especially when looking around sites like Wish. You can get a three-piece canvas set of Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki (Unframed) all for around $10. 

For those that don’t mind spending a little more money, Displate also has some awesome metal posters that come with their own magnet mount system. You can even get them a few different sizes.

If posters aren’t necessarily the style you’re looking for, there are also dope banners. There are plenty of options, including Bedding Picky’s colorful living room decor or Walmart’s simplistic black and yellow UA logo. 

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