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Genshin Impact: All Echoing Conch Locations

genshin impact echoing conch

Genshin Impact: All Echoing Conch Locations

The Midsummer Island Adventure in Genshin Impact added in a whole new region called the Golden Apple Archipelago, and with a new region comes new items to collect. If you’re looking to find Echoing Conches, we’re here to help. Here’s where to find every Echoing Conch on the Golden Apple Archipelago in Genshin Impact.

All Echoing Conch Locations in Genshin Impact

Echoing Conches are part of the Echoing Tales limited-time event that’s currently underway. Collecting conches will provide you with a number of rewards including Primogems, mora, and even a new summer outfit for Barbara.

genshin impact echoing conches

However, before you go conch hunting, you should finish the Midsummer Island Event Act II so that every conch actually appears on the archipelago.

Once you complete Act II, you’re all set to start looking for Genshin Impact’s new Echoing Conch items. Keep an eye out for blue conches with blue, glowing energy coming off of them. Once you get close to a conch, it’ll appear on the mini-map automatically. Here are the locations that you should be going to in order to find the conches:

Genshin Impact Echoing Conch Locations
Source: Genshin Impact Map

After collecting all of the Echoing Conch, simply return to the event screen to claim your rewards. The game will keep count for you, so you should always know how many conches are left to collect in the archipelago.

It’s also important to note that this area will be gone once update 1.7 rolls around, so be sure to complete everything that you need to before that happens.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find every Echoing Conch in Genshin Impact’s Golden Apple Archipelago. Be sure to check out our guide wiki for the game to see more tips, tricks, and other general info.

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