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Breath of the Wild Player Becomes First to Open Impossible Chest

Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild Player Becomes First to Open Impossible Chest

It is no secret that Breath of the Wild is an insanely detailed game. To this day, players are still find new mechanics and ways to play the game. As such, it isn’t entirely surprising that there has been a chest in the game that still hasn’t been opened…until now.

Know for a while thanks to the chest location radar, this impossible chest was located at Aris Beach. The catch, though, is that it seems to be located far underground, and will only spawn if you get within 60 meters of it. Many tried to find a way to this chest but failed to get there, even after successfully clipping through the map.

In the video below, you can see that a Youtuber by the name of Kleric was finally able to accomplish this monumental task.

In order to accomplish this amazing feat, the Youtuber had to do a lot of crazy stuff, including swimming for five straight minutes, placing Cryonis block perfectly, managing stamina, using memory tricks to reset cooldowns, and so much more. For all of their hard work, all Kleric received was a piece of amber.

It is honestly kind of insane to think that the developers went through so much effort to put this in the game but it is really satisfying to see it finally accomplished. If you’re still looking for some more interesting information on tricky chests in the game, you can check out the video Kleric linked in his description by El Duende 05 right here.

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