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Back 4 Blood PC Trailer Showcases Performance & Customization Options

back 4 blood

Back 4 Blood PC Trailer Showcases Performance & Customization Options

Built by the same talented folks behind Valve’s iconic Left 4 Dead cooperative multiplayer shooter, Back 4 Blood is the spiritual successor that fans of the genre have eagerly been waiting for, and it’s only months away from launch. Today, a new trailer highlights some of the performance and customization options that those playing on PC can look forward to.

The PC-only performance features are as follows:

  • 4K Resolution
  • Uncapped Frame Rate
  • Ultra-wide and Multi-monitor Support
  • Cross-play
  • Multiple Quality Customization Options
  • The Open BETA begins Aug. 12

Here’s today’s new trailer:

Pre-Order for early access and start slaying August 5th. Back 4 Blood will be available for PC via the Microsoft Store, Steam and Epic Games Store on October 12, as well as Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One Consoles, PS5, and PS4.

Coming to Xbox Game Pass at launch via Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One Consoles, as well as Windows 10 PC.

If you want to get to know the characters that’ll feature prominently in Back 4 Blood, go ahead and check out last month’s trailer here, while a more recent trailer gives us a good look at one of the game’s many bosses.

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