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Tower Defense Simulator: How to Get Accelerator

tower defense simulator accelerator

Tower Defense Simulator: How to Get Accelerator

The Accelerator in Tower Defense Simulator is a ‘Hardcore tower’ which attacks in short bursts. This block needs to charge up between attacks, but then deals huge amounts of damage in a short amount of time. It’s one of the best blocks you can get in Tower Defense Simulator, but to get the Accelerator, be prepared for a pretty long grind.

Getting the Accelerator in Tower Defense Simulator

The Accelerator can be purchased from the Store for 2,500 Hardcore Gems (the pink gems), but only once you’ve reached Level 50 and accessed ‘Hardcore Mode.’ If you’re not Level 50, you won’t have access to this mode yet, and won’t be able to place the Accelerator.

Earning Hardcore Gems is done by beating the game’s Hardcore mode, unlocked when you reach level 50. You’ll get 150 for surviving until the end of a Hardcore mode session, so be prepared to grind these out for quite a bit before you can unlock the Accelerator.

It’s also worth noting that you can only place a maximum of 8 Accelerators in any game of Tower Defense Simulator, so you can’t just place them everywhere and spam your way to victory.

All Accelerator Upgrades

Like with any other tower, you’ll be able to upgrade your Accelerator to improve its effectiveness. We’ve listed all of these, their prices and what they do below.

  • Level 1 – Focused Aiming – $600: +3 Range
  • Level 2 – Extra Juice – $1,200: 6> 6.5 Burst Time
  • Level 3 – Powerhouse Armor – $3,200: +6 Damage
  • Level 4 – Super Charged – $9,500: +3 Range, 0.2> 0.1 Tick
  • Level 5 – Energy From the Voice – $25,000: +2 Range, +9 Damage, 0.1> 0.05 Tick, 4> 2 Charge-Up Time, 6.5 > 12 Burst Time

That’s everything you need to know on how to get the accelerator in Tower Defense Simulator. For more tips, tricks and guides, search for Twinfinite, or see more of our coverage below.

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