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Rocksmith Returns with Rocksmith+; Closed Beta Announced


Rocksmith Returns with Rocksmith+; Closed Beta Announced

After a 10 year absence, the Rocksmith franchise returns with Rocksmith+, announced during today’s Ubisoft Forward event.

Launching as a subscription later this year, Rocksmith+ takes aim at new musicians, giving them access to a vast library of songs to learn guitar and bass. Instruments can still be connected to your console and PC, as well as a mobile device, which can use the built-in microphone to track note playing.

New Music tracks will be added to the game on a weekly basis that will be authentic to the artist’s original tablature. User generated arrangements will be coming by way of Rocksmith Workshop, allowing players to come up with unique arrangements of licensed tracks.

Rocksmith+ aims to support every genre imaginable from rock and metal to R&B and country, and all are available from the get-go with the subscription.

Adaptive learning features will be making a return allowing players to learn their instrument at their own pace. Progress tracking and a recommendation system will allow players to keep an eye on their growing skills and give them a better idea of where they need to improve.

Advanced players will be getting some love as well, in the form of a new tablature view that will help improve a player’s tab reading skills.

Registration for the closed beta will begin after the Ubisoft Forward event ends and will last from Jun 12 – Jul 22.

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