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Breath of the Wild Player Finds a Way to Completely Blend in With Lynels (Updated)


Breath of the Wild Player Finds a Way to Completely Blend in With Lynels (Updated)

Ever since Breath of the Wild released back in 2017, players have been finding unique ways to go about defeating one of the game’s most daunting characters, the centaur creatures known as Lynels. This includes everything from one-shotting them to even defeating them while almost naked.

Yet, despite all of the ways people have tried to fight them, have you ever wondered if you could blend in with this fearsome foe? That is exactly what Redditor Jelmej2000 just figured out how to do. In the post below, the user revealed to the Breath of the Wild subreddit that it is possible to completely trick a Lynel into thinking you’re not an impostor.

If Link is wearing the Lynel hood disguise and is on top of a horse, then the Lynel will think that he is another one of them and won’t attack. This is just one of the brilliant little details that Breath of the Wild players are still finding out.

Update: Unfortunately, it was proven that the previous post was untrue, as Redditor The_Bread_Pirate did some tests of their own. After it was proven false, the original post was deleted. You can see more about this below.

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