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Mass Effect 2: All Element Zero Planets

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Mass Effect 2: All Element Zero Planets

Mass Effect 2 does away with the resource procurement systems from Mass Effect 1. No longer can you just explore random planets to come across things, nor can you just simply press a button and extract whatever resources might be there. Mass Effect 2 makes you work for it. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering about how to get Element Zero aka Eezo in Mass Effect 2, an important resource that is hard to come by. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Get Element Zero in Mass Effect 2

All planetary resources in Mass Effect 2 are acquired via planetary scanning and probing. You can visit non-landable planets and scan them for resources.

To scan, find a planet that has resources, hold down L2 on Play Station or LT on Xbox, and then move the cursor around the surface of the planet. The readings on the right side of the screen will spike up or down, depending on how big of a resource deposit is nearby. Hit the right trigger to fire off a probe. Obviously, shoot for the higher readings as to not waste your probes.

Element Zero is among the rarest resources. According to the Mass Effect wiki, this is because they are generally only found on Garden Worlds, which are quite rare around the galaxy as compared to boring ol’ lifeless planets.

The Mass Effect wiki has put together a detailed list of all Element Zero planets that you can find below. More information about each location can be found right here.

All Element Zero Planets

  • Caleston Rift
    • Balor
      • Caleston
  • Crescent Nebula
    • Lusarn
      • Tarith
    • Zelene
      • Helyme
  • Eagle Nebula
    • Amun
      • Anhur, Sekhmet
    • Relic
      • Preying Mouth
  • Far Rim
    • Dholen
      • Gotha
  • Hades Nexus
    • Hekate
      • Bothros
    • Pamyat
      • Dobrovolski
    • Sheol
      • Gei Hinnom
  • Hawking Eta
    • Schwarzschild
      • Etamis
  • Hourglass Nebula
    • Faryar
      • Daratar
    • Osun
      • Erinle
    • Ploitari
      • Thegan
    • Sowilo
      • Ansuz
  • Krogan DMZ
    • Dranek
      • Rothla
    • Nith
      • Mantun
  • Minos Wasteland
    • Caestus
      • Invictus
  • Nubian Expanse
    • Kalabsha
      • Yamm
  • Omega Nebula
    • Amada
      • Eingana
    • Batalla
      • Thunawanuro, Nearog
  • Pylos Nebula
    • Dirada
      • Siano
    • Satent
      • Boro, Raisaris
  • Rosetta Nebula
    • Alpha Draconis
      • 2175 Aeia
  • Enoch
    • Laban, Mizraim, Joab
  • Sigurd’s Cradle
    • Skepsis
      • Watson
    • Decoris
      • Sanctum
  • Shadow Sea
    • Iera
      • Prospect
  • The Phoenix Massing
    • Salahiel
      • Ekuna
    • Typhon
      • Echidna, Moros
  • The Shrike Abyssal
    • Urla Rast
      • Talis Fia
    • Xe Cha
      • Zada Ban, Tosal Nym
  • Titan Nebula
    • Haskins
      • Capek
  • Vallhallan Threshold
    • Paz
      • Garvug
  • Micah
    • Farlas
    • Kakabel
    • Israfil

What it is Used For

Element Zero is used in various Normandy Ship Upgrades along with upgrades centered around Biotic amps and Omni-tools. This is useful across all classes, so definitely make sure to get cracking on those upgrades once you have a decent stock of the resource saved up.

That’s all you need to know for how to get Element Zero in Mass Effect 2. For more tips, tricks and FAQs answered be sure to check out our wiki guide that is filled with helpful guides.

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