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Biomutant Aura Explained: How to Get Light & Dark Points, What Aura Changes


Biomutant Aura Explained: How to Get Light & Dark Points, What Aura Changes

Biomutant Aura is essentially the game’s morality system. If you want to be a good little creature on your quest to save the Tree of Life, you’ll want to earn Light points. On the other hand, if you’re wanting to indulge your evil side, you want to go about earning Dark points. But what does Aura affect, and how exactly do you earn these Light and Dark points in Biomutant?

What Is Aura?

As described in-game, your Biomutant Aura score “reflects your inner balance, the two halves that complete a wholeness that flows through all things and change as you make choices in dialogue and interact with Captives and civilians throughout the game, meaning you’ll gradually become stronger in your conviction.”

biomutant aura

In addition to this, you also have your ‘Child Aura.’ This is a separate score that is only affected during your actions in the flashback sections where you’ll be controlling your character as a youngling. Your Child Aura will determine how characters remember you being as a child.

What Aura Affects in Biomutant

Biomutant Aura matters more than you’d think, as it not only affects dialogue and the way the characters you meet will look at you but also what PSI-Powers you’ll have access to. For example, the Sizzle Ball PSI-Power requires you to have 10 Dark Aura.

biomutant aura and psi-powers

Your Biomutant Aura will also determine which of the game’s different Tribes you’ll likely align with best. For example, the Myriad Tribe represents ‘Maximum Light.’ As such, if you’re wanting to be a bastion of light and hope in the world, you’ll probably want to align with them, and avoid the likes of the Jagni and Lotus Tribes that have a ‘Dark’ outlook on the world.

biomutant aura and tribes

Which Tribe you side with in Biomutant will ultimately play a part in determining which ending you get. Sticking with a ‘Light’ tribe will result in you getting the ‘Good’ ending. While siding with a ‘Dark’ tribe will cause you to get the ‘Bad’ ending.

How to Get Light Aura Points

Whenever you come across an NPC in need of help, you’ll want to choose the option to help them. Doing so will get you at least one Light point. For example, there’s a Captive you come across in the Old Village by the Myriad Fortress. Agree to help him and you’ll get some Light Aura points.

You’ll also sometimes come across dialogue options where the Light and Dark sprites will appear. You’ll always want to select the ‘light’ option during these, too, as they’ll net you even more points towards that positive Aura. An example of this is at the very beginning of the game where you have to choose a color at the Crossroads.

How to Get Dark Aura Points in Biomutant

As you might have guessed, in order to get Dark Aura points, you want to avoid helping Captives and NPCs, and basically conversing in a selfish manner whenever you find yourself in dialogue.

Similarly, you can get some easy Dark Aura points at the beginning of Biomutant by selecting the ‘Dark Red’ option at the crossroads color decision.

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