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Nier Replicant Side Quests Guide: How to Find & Complete Every Side Quest

Nier Replicant Side Quests

Nier Replicant Side Quests Guide: How to Find & Complete Every Side Quest

It won’t be a surprise to Nier: Automata fans to learn that there are an absurd number of side quests to complete in Nier Replicant. Ranging from hidden boss battles to excruciating fetch quests, they’ll keep you in the game’s world several times longer than the main story will, for better and for worse. You’re likely not made of time though, which is why you want to know how to find and complete every side quest in Nier Replicant.

How to Find and Complete every Side Quest in Nier Replicant

There are a whopping 71 side quests for you to track down and complete in Nier Replicant.

Some are easy to track down, with the NPCs having clear Quest dialogue bubbles over their heads. Others require a bit more digging and exploring in a given town, and might only trigger after you’ve completed another quest.

Not only that, but some will only appear during certain parts of the game. This means you might not be able to access certain quests after advancing the story too far; or, that you’ll need to advance the story before you can even accept the quest.

We’ve compiled a list down below containing info on where the quest-giver for each quest can be found, what needs to be done to complete it, and which part of the game it appears in. We’ll have links to specific walkthroughs for different quests too, so check them out if you still need more guidance for a given task.

In the event of new quests being added via DLC or updates, we’ll update the list accordingly.

Nier Replicant Side Quests
Quest NameWhen it’s AvailableWhere it’s FoundHow to Complete it
Herbal RemediesPart OneVillage LibraryGive Popola 2 Medicinal Herbs
The Gatekeeper’s ErrandPart OneVillage Gate NorthSpeak to a gate guard in the Village and deliver a message for him
The Lost EggsPart OneVillage MarketSpeak to the Item shop owner and help him figure out where the chickens hide their eggs
Old-Fashioned Home CookingPart OneVillage MarketCollect 10 pieces of Mutton by killing sheep in the Northern Plains
Shopping ListPart OneVillage MarketBuy 3 Tulip Bulbs from the Seafront Grocery store for the Florist in Nier’s Village
Book SmartsPart OneVillage LibraryHelp the woman in the library put two books back on their proper shelves
The Tavern Keeper’s GrandmotherPart OneVillage TavernCollect 3 Medicinal Herbs, 3 Berries and 3 Royal Ferns
A Return to ShoppingPart OneVillage MarketBuy 3 Bounty Fertilizers from the Seafront Item shop for the Village Florist
Boar Hunt!Part OneVillage MarketKill the Boar that roams around the Northern Plains
Yonah’s CookingPart OneNier’s HouseBring Yonah Venison and Wheat for a homecooked meal
On the Wings of EaglesPart OneVillage TavernGet an Eagle Egg from the Aerie to make more medicine
Fragile DeliveryPart OneVillage Gate NorthDeliver a package to the Aerie Chief’s house without being hit or rolling
Fragile Delivery 2Part OneVillage MarketDeliver a package to the Seafront Tavern without being hit or rolling
The Fisherman’s GambitPart OneSeafront PierCatch 10 Sardines for the Old Fisherman
The Fisherman’s Gambit 2Part OneSeafront PierCatch 7 Blowfish for the Old Fisherman
The Fisherman’s Gambit 3Part OneSeafront PierCatch 7 Rainbow Trout for the Old Fisherman
The Fisherman’s Gambit 4Part OneSeafront PierCatch 5 Bream for the Old Fisherman
The Fisherman’s Gambit 5Part OneSeafront PierCatch 5 Black Bass for the Old Fisherman
The Ballad of the TwinsPart OneVillage TavernCollect 5 Mouse Tails and 5 Lizard tails to make a drink that’ll help Popola sing
A Dog AstrayPart OneVillage MarketFind an old man’s dog after it goes missing in the Northern Plains
A New Merchant in TownPart OneSeafront ShipBring a new merchant 10 Wool, 5 Natural Rubber and 10 Goat Hides
The Postman’s RequestPart OneSeafront Post OfficeBring a letter to the Lighthouse Lady
The Lighthouse Lady’s WrathPart OneSeafront Post OfficeFind out why the Lighthouse Lady can’t leave seafront
ClosurePart OneSeafront Post OfficeSpeak to the Seafront Postman about the Lighthouse Lady
Yonah’s GiftPart OneNier’s HouseBring Yonah a Melon, Watermelon, and a Pumpkin
Letter to a LoverPart OneSeafront FountainBring a love letter to a woman in the Aerie
A Signature DishPart OneSeafront TavernBring the tavern owner 10 Sardines, 10 Wheat and 10 Medicinal Herbs
Bon Appetit!Part OneSeafront TavernFind a cookbook in the village library and collect 5 Sharks, 5 Rice bags and 5 Mushrooms
Fragile Delivery 3Part OneVillage Gate EastDeliver a package to the Facade Weapons shop without taking damage or rolling
The Tangled MessagePart OneFacade CenterSpeak to specific NPCs in Facade and tell them the correct phrases
Item UnknownPart OneFacade King’s PalaceBring the Facade woman 10 Watermelons
The Runaway SonPart OneVillage MarketFind the villager’s son in Seafront and then Facade to bring him home
Apology From a FoolPart OneFacade Strange Things storeBring the shop owner 10 Wolf Hides
The Pride of a LoverPart OneSeafront Lighthouse PathGet a piece of Flourite to make a gift
The Littlest HeroPart OneFacade Weapons storeSave a young man who tries to take on a wolf pack in the sandstorm area
The Missing GirlPart OneFacade Strange Things StoreSearch Facade for clues about what happened to a young girl
The Masterless LighthousePart TwoSeafront LighthouseFind 10 Broken Lenses, 10 Broken Batteries and 10 Mysterious Switches
The Scattered CargoPart TwoSeafront FountainFind three cargo crates on the shores of different areas
The Strange Fate of the JewelPart TwoSeafront DocksFind the Mermaid’s Tear jewel in Seafront
Thieves in TrainingPart TwoVillage Item shopFind out who has been stealing in Nier’s Village
Learning a TradePart TwoSeafront ShipBring the aspiring merchant items from Facade and the Junk Heap
A Bridge in PerilPart TwoVillage Gate NorthKill the shade that spawns in the Northern Plains on Cloudy days.
Master of the Southern PlainsPart TwoSeafront Post OfficeKill the shade that spawns on Cloudy days in the Southern Plains
The Fisherman’s Gambit 6Part TwoSeafront PierCatch 3 Sandfish for the Old Fisherman
The Fisherman’s Gambit 7Part TwoSeafront PierCatch 3 Royal Fish for the Old Fisherman
The Fisherman’s Gambit 8Part TwoSeafront PierCatch 2 Blue Marlin for the Old Fisherman
The Fisherman’s Final GambitPart TwoSeafront PierCatch a Hyneria for the Old Fisherman
Staying AfloatPart TwoSeafront DocksBring 5 Logs, 20 Dented Metal Boards and 10 Stripped Bolts to the client
A Contract for a ContractorPart TwoNier’s VillageBring the pig farmer 1 Memory Alloy, 10 Titanium Alloy and 10 Broken Motors
The Creaky Water WheelPart TwoVillage MarketCollect 10 Iron Ore and 10 Logs to fix the Village water wheel
The Faded FountainPart TwoVillage MarketCollect 10 Broken Motors and 10 Severed Cables to fix the Village fountain
Bon Appetit! 2Part TwoSeafront TavernCollect 10 Giant Catfish and 10 bags of Rice for the tavern owner
The King’s MaskPart TwoFacade King’s PalaceBring the royal guard Titanium Alloy and a Crystal
A Child’s Final ChancePart TwoVillage Grocery storeFind out why the Grocer’s son is sick
A Shade EntombedPart TwoFacade Main GateStop the bandits at the Barren Temple
The Damaged MapPart TwoVillage BlacksmithFind and restore a Treasure Map for the Village Blacksmith
Research ProjectPart TwoEmil’s ManorSearch for clues on how to return Emil to normal
A Tale of the StudyPart TwoEmil’s Manor StudyKill the Shade in the Study
The Great TreePart TwoSeafront Item shopGet a piece of the giant tree in the Lost Shrine for a botanist
The Despicable ManPart TwoVillage MarketTrack down a man with multiple lovers
A Memorable KnifePart TwoSeafront TavernGo to the Junk Heap and make a special knife out of 10 Titanium Alloys
The Shade ArmyPart TwoJunk Heap Weapon Upgrade shopFix the Junk Heap elevator and kill the shades there
A City RebornPart TwoFacade King’s PalaceBring the royal guard 20 Iron Ore, 20 Clay and 20 Logs
Nightmares and DustPart TwoFacade Main GateKill the Shade hiding in the sandstorm area
Disturbing the Sleep of KingsPart TwoFacade King’s Palace RoofClear the Shades out of the Barren Temple
Shadows of the DesertPart TwoFacade Desert DockDefeat the shade disguised as a Facade Resident
Search for the ShadePart TwoVillage Gate SouthFind the shade hiding in the Village
FreesiaPart TwoAbove Seafront Weapons shopDeilver the Freesia to the Material shop in Facade
The Magical StonePart TwoForest of MythBring the Eye of Power to the Fortune Teller
The Promised GiftPart TwoSeafront DocksHelp the Ferryman find a gift for his wife
Life in the SandsPart TwoFacade Save PointBring the woman 10 Pink Moonflower Seeds

How to Use Devola to Trigger Quests

It’s worth noting, however, that some quests might not trigger properly in Nier Replicant even if you’re looking for them at the right place and time.

If this occurs, go to the Village tavern and speak to Devola. She’ll give you leads on certain quests and even mark where they can be found on your map. In most cases, this will get the quest givers to appear properly and allow you to undertake their missions.

Hopefully this cleared up how to find and complete every side quest in Nier Replicant. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki. It has tips, tricks and info on all manner of side quests, including The Ballad of the Twins and The Missing Girl.

Likewise, you can check out the related articles down below for the latest trailers, news coverage, and more.

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