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5 Games Like Outriders If You’re Looking for Something Similar


5 Games Like Outriders If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Outriders is an impressive new entry into the looter-shooter and third-person shooter genres. It blends elements from popular games over the years, while still standing out as a very unique-feeling title. If you’re here, though, you either want more after playing through Outriders or you’re just curious about what other games it is similar to. Whatever your reasons, let’s look at five games like Outriders, just in case you’re looking for something similar.

The Division 2

Games Like Outriders

games like outriders

The Division 2 shares a lot in common with Outriders. They are both third-person shooters with looter-shooter mechanics. They both feature a heavy emphasis on RPG elements such as character/class building, gear decisions, and mapping out a build that suits your play style. They also both lean heavily on cooperative gameplay, and have a campaign for you to play through that you can tackle either solo or with others.

Also the general gameplay feel is quite similar, too. Although, that said, there are some key differences.

Outriders is a bit more fantastical in its setting. It takes place on an alien planet and your character will wield space magic, kind of like Destiny. Outriders is also a bit more aggressive in the sense that you’re encouraged to be on the offensive, whereas The Division, while not being entirely a cover-based shooter, is certainly more realistic, tactical and nuanced.

And finally, Outriders is not a live-service game and focuses its gameplay around its main campaign and some optional post-game content, whereas many The Division 2 players derive more value from its end-game content such as PvP and cooperative raids.

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