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5 Reasons Loki May Be Even Weirder Than WandaVision


5 Reasons Loki May Be Even Weirder Than WandaVision

WandaVision was the MCU’s first major foray into the world of television — sorry Agents of SHIELD fans. This show featuring witches and a fake sitcom that changed decades every episode, making for one of the strangest, most experimental work we’ve seen from Marvel Studios yet. However, a new contender is stepping into the ring of weird, as Loki is set to return to the MCU with his own series.

Now, the question begs as to whether the God of Mischief’s show will be able to be even more out there than the Scarlett Witch’s wacky romp? These are five reasons that Loki may actually be even weirder than WandaVision.

Featured Image Source: Marvel Studios/Disney+

Loki’s Eccentricity

Loki Weirder Than WandaVision

Source: Marvel Studios/Disney+

Loki is known for being the conniving and extremely unpredictable little brother of Thor, even going as far as to fake his own death and disguised himself as Odin in order to rule Asgard. But along with this unpredictability comes a (frost) giant dose of eccentricity, which was on full display when he became close buddies with the Grandmaster, as he is able to use his unique personality to blend in with and eventually deceive the ruler of Sakaar to help everyone escape.

Comparatively, WandaVision doesn’t have a single character that can match the quirkiness of Loki, as even the weird little Pietro impersonator, Ralph Bohner, isn’t anywhere near as goofy as the God of Mischief.

Having Loki in small doses throughout the MCU has added to the overall wackiness of the movies, so you can be sure an entire television series featuring this character will be completely absurd just because of who Loki is. And if what we’ve seen so far is any indication, this show is sure to deliver on all of the God of Mischief’s unique quirks.

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