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Valheim: How to Farm & Farming Guide

valheim how to farm

Valheim: How to Farm & Farming Guide

If you want to stay alive in Valheim, it’s a good idea to have food readily available. Food can replenish your health and stamina, so agriculture is a pretty important part of the game. Here is everything you need to know about how to farm in Valheim.

Valheim Farming Guide – How to Farm

Craft a Cultivator

A cultivator needs to be created before even attempting to plant anything to start a farm. To get the cultivator recipe, you’ll need to collect core wood first. This can be done by chopping down pine trees with a bronze axe.

The cultivator can be crafted using x10 core wood and x5 bronze. Once it’s crafted, Valheim’s farming system opens up quite a bit. The cultivator can be used to till the soil so that seeds can be planted.

Be sure to leave some space in between rows of seeds because they need a bit of room to grow.

Planting Seeds

Valheim currently contains five kinds of seeds to choose from for farming. Here’s where to find them all:

Carrot SeedsBlack Forest near blue flowers
Fir Cones (Fir Tree Seeds)Black Forest by cutting down fir trees
Pine Cones (Pine Tree Seeds)Black Forest by cutting down pine trees
Beech Tree SeedsMeadows by cutting down beech trees
Turnip SeedsSwamp near yellow flowers

Once you’ve found the seeds that you want, simply plant them in the tilled soil. Barley and Flax can also be farmed, but they don’t require the use of seeds. The two crops can be found in the Plains.

Protecting the Farm

The final step tip for farming in Valheim is to protect the farm. Wild animals and other enemies won’t always let you grow crops in peace. Fences can easily be built around the crops just to be safe.

Roundpole fences can be crafted using x1 wood, so it won’t take too many of your resources to secure your farm.

That’s everything you need to know about how to farm in Valheim. If you’re looking for more tips, be sure to check out the guides below.

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