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Valheim: How to Get Bronze

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Valheim: How to Get Bronze

Starting with nothing but a pair of Viking underpants, Iron Gate Studios’ latest survival game pits you against the harsh elements of a purgatory wilderness called Valheim. There, you’ll slowly build a settlement using evermore advanced tools, with each new technology requiring you to have unlocked a necessary recipe or material along the way. Here’s how to get Bronze in Valheim if you’re itching to make progress.

How to Get Bronze in Valheim

Bronze is a resource you’ll need plenty of to craft higher-level armor and weapons, but there’s quite a bit to do before you’ll have access to it. As alluded to in the intro above, there are no shortcuts to progression in Valheim; each resource or item requires you to have found something else first, and Bronze is no exception.

A simple breakdown looks like this:

Antler Pickaxe > Mine Copper and Tin > Build a Smelter = Make Bronze

First things first, the Antler Pickaxe is something you’re only going to be able to get once you defeat the game’s first boss, Eikthyr. This is going to necessitate that you have already equipped yourself with leather armor, a bow, a decent melee weapon, and plenty of food. He’s no pushover.

Once you’ve beaten Eikthyr, he’ll drop a Hard Antler you can then combine with some wood to make the Antler Pickaxe.

Now you have your Antler Pickaxe, you can mine Copper and Tin. These materials are found in the Black Forest, which should be a few minutes run away from your home base. This is a dangerous area, so be careful. Tin is found beside water and looks like a shiny stone, while Copper deposits are giant boulders with a coppery sheen to them (they’re typically covered in moss, too).

Tin Deposit in the Black Forest

Now you have your materials, it’s time to smelt, so let’s build a Smelter. To do so, you’ll need to run a dungeon in the Black Forest and grab a Surtling Core. Dungeons are called Burial Chambers in the Black Forest, and they are typically patrolled by skeleton warriors. Once inside, you’re looking for a Surtling, which is a small flame creature.

With x5 Surtling Core, you can then combine it with x20 Stone to make a Smelter. The Smelter will turn raw tin and copper into useable material. It is at this point the Forge will unlock, which you can then build with x4 Stone, x4 Coal, x10 Wood, and x8 Copper.

What to Do With Bronze in Valheim? Answered

Now you can make Bronze. But what to do with it? Well, forget Stone, Flint, and Leather, Bronze is a serious upgrade that will make your previous equipment obsolete. With Bronze you can craft powerful weapons and armor, as well as useful tools that make gathering and building so much easier.

Here’s a full list of all Bronze items in Valheim:

  • Bronze Atgeir
  • Bronze Axe
  • Bronze Buckler
  • Bronze Helmet
  • Bronze Mace
  • Bronze Nails
  • Bronze Pickaxe
  • Bronze Plate Cuirass
  • Bronze Plate Leggings
  • Bronze Spear
  • Bronze Sword
  • Bronzehead arrow
  • Cultivator
  • Horned Bronze Helmet

For now, that’s everything there is to know about how to Bronze in Valheim. If you’re after more useful tips and information on the game, Twinfinite has written dozens more guides, which you can find by using the search engine from the main menu. There should also be some related content down below you may find helpful.

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