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Which Bravely Default II Job Are You? Take the Quiz to Find Out


Which Bravely Default II Job Are You? Take the Quiz to Find Out

Bravely Default II is the new turn-based JRPG from Square Enix that focuses on a job system. Each character can equip a main job and a sub-job, allowing for lots of customization. With over 20 jobs in total, you can have any team layout that you want.

The Bravely Default series started on the Nintendo 3DS and is a love letter to old-school JRPGs like Final Fantasy V, which also focused on a job system. The series is also known for its charming art style, whimsical music, and sometimes goofy writing.

The best part about Bravely Default II is that each job feels unique. They all have completely different abilities and stats, along with passive skills you can customize with other jobs.

Whether it’s charming mages, beefy shieldmasters, or nimble thieves, you’re bound to find a favorite job. But which job from Bravely Default II would you be, and which suits your personality best?

To answer that question, we created a quiz based on what job would be best suited to your personality. All you have to do is scroll down below to start.

Which Bravely Default 2 Job Would You Be?

What is your favorite type of weapon?
If you're going into battle, what kind of armor would you wear?
What is your favorite color?
Would you solely support yourself, or your friends as well?
If you were to take a vacation, where would you go?
You go to a restaurant, what type of food do you order?
You're walking along the street and see a stranger shouting, in need of help. What do you do?
What is your preferred method of staying in shape?
Do you go to bed early, or are you a night-owl?
You're walking down a forest road during twilight when the road diverges into three paths. Which way do you go?

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