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Apex Legends Evo Shield: How to Get Red Armor

Apex Legends Red Armor

Apex Legends Evo Shield: How to Get Red Armor

Evo Armor has been an important part of Apex Legends ever since regular armor was removed by the changes made in Season 6. Now, all armor available in the game is Evo Armor except for the Gold pieces, and if you’re looking for maximum protection, you’ll want to aim for Red. Here’s how to get Red Armor in Apex Legends.

How to Get Red Armor in Apex Legends

Doing Damage

apex legends red armor

As its name suggests, Evo Armor can evolve from one level to the next. One way for players to do this is to rack up damage in firefights. Each level of armor corresponds with a color and rarity. Each level requires a specific amount of damage to be dealt for the evolution to occur.

Here are the colors from White to Red, the rarities, and the damage requirements for all Evo Armor in Apex Legends:

Color/RarityDamage Required
White (Common)100
Blue (Rare)150
Purple (Epic)300
Gold (Legendary)0 (Loot)
Red (Heirloom)750

Gold Armor is a zero-damage requirement because it can only be found in the loot pool. It’s the only armor that can’t evolve, but it makes healing items more effective.

Using Replicators

apex legends red armor replicator

Replicators were added in Season 6, alongside the crafting mechanic. Replicators are basically 3D printers that can create healing items and weapons attachments. They can also upgrade Evo Armor.

It’s not the most efficient way to get to Red Armor in Apex Legends, but it can help if you’re close to the evolution damage requirement.

Players can use Crafting Materials scattered throughout the map to slowly upgrade their armor. Spending 45 Crafting Materials will put 100 damage points towards armor evolution. It’ll also fully replenish the armor.

However, this can be dangerous since armor must be removed and placed in the Replicator while this process takes place. Use this option sparingly.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Red Armor in Apex Legends. If you’re new to the game, be sure to have a look at our tips for beginners.

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