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Valheim Cheats List: How to Cheat & Use Console Commands

valheim enable cheats

Valheim Cheats List: How to Cheat & Use Console Commands

Since launching into early access a couple of weeks ago, Valheim has been extremely popular. The beautiful world, challenging gameplay, and co-op elements have grabbed loads of people and won’t let go. However, it can get a little challenging, especially when you come face to face with the game’s four main bosses. If you’re looking to make it a little easier, here’s everything you need to know about how to enable cheats in Valheim.

In Valheim, cheats allow you to speed up some of the more menial tasks, such as collecting resources, or remove the dangers from the world to let you explore at your own pace. It’s not how the game is supposed to be played, but it can make it a little more enjoyable if you’re looking for a calmer experience.

Before we get into how you enable cheats in the game, you should note that you can’t use them in multiplayer. You’ll have to play in single-player to use cheats.

How to Enable Cheats in Valheim

Once you’re in the right seed, you can bring up the console commands box by pressing the F5 key. To enable cheats from there, you need to type in ‘imacheater’ into the box. Yes, “I’m a cheater,” the devs know what they’re doing.

Then, you can type in whatever cheat you’d like to. For example, you can type in the type of item you’d like to spawn, immediately followed by the quantity you’d like. You can even type in ‘god’ to initiate god mode and make Valheim infinitely easier.

Do be careful what cheats you enable in the game, though. Valheim is in early access still, so changing how the game is designed to work could cause a little funkiness or make you encounter some bugs. Also, you’ll need to type “imacheater” into the commands bar once more to disable cheats.

All Console Commands & Cheats List

If you type help in ‘help’ into the commands bar with cheats enabled, a full list of Valheim cheats will appear, but we’ve listed them down below for you.

All Valheim Console Commands/Cheats
CommandCheat Effect
godEnables god mode
hair/beardRemoves your character’ss hair or beard, depending on which you type in
freeflyEnables free camera
goto [x,z]Teleports you to the coordinates you input for x and z
exploremapReveals the entire map
killallKills every enemy near you
resetmapResets your map to default
locationChanges your spawn location
raiseskill [skill] [by how much]Increases a skill level by an amount you set
resetskillResets a skill
tameTames all animals nearby
todChanges time of the day
envEnables debug environment
resetenvReset debug
wind [angle] [intensity]Changes angle and intensity of the wind
resetwindResets the above setting
event [name]Enables the event you choose
stopeventStops the event you initiated
randoneventEnables a random event
resetcharacterCompletely resets your character
removedropsRemoves all dropped items nearby
setkey [name]Sets a new global key
players [nr]Matches the difficulty with the number of players
dpsdebugEnables dps overlay
kick [ip or name or user ID]Kicks a player
ban [ip or name or user ID]Bans a player
unban [ip or name or user ID]Unbans a player
bannedShows all banned players
pingShows your ping
lodbias [0-5]Changes draw distance
infoShows your system info
valheim cheats
Console Commands list that appears in-game

That’s everything you need to know about how to enable cheats in Valheim. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our wiki guide or search for Twinfinite.

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