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For Honor Getting Shovel Knight Themed Items for Limited Time Crossover

For Honor Shovel Knight Crossover

For Honor Getting Shovel Knight Themed Items for Limited Time Crossover

Indeed, your favorite warrior versus warrior game is getting content crossover with a game about the ultimate warrior: Shovel Knight.

Just to lay out a little bit of bad news, it doesn’t appear that in all of For Honor’s Shovel Knight crossover you will get access to your own shovel and gloriously horned helmet. You still will have to stick to swords. How boring.

The short (and certainly silly) video that serves as the announcement only shows off that the main bulk of the content comes in the form of three illustrious outfits you can use to show your Shovel Knight pride.

These illustrious outfits are:

  • The Stalwart Plate – An outfit adorned with images of the blue knight in action.
  • The Ornate Plate – This outfit perfectly shows off the most flashy armor in Shovel Knight.
  • The Rodent Regalia – Show off your love for Propeller Rat.

There are also new stylish emotes and flashy executions. All of this is available until March 4.

You can see the crossover trailer for yourself here and below:

There you have it, everything you need to enjoy both Shovel Knight and For Honor at the same time. There’s no downside to executing someone while you are wearing an outfit that looks like it is covered in Shovel Knight stickers.

What do you think? Are you a big enough fan of the blue knight to let the enemy know as you fight? Used to be you only had the option to yell “Shovel Knight” into your mic. But now you can wear it proudly.

For Honor is available on PC, PlayStation consoles, and Xbox consoles.

If you are playing For Honor one PS4 or Xbox one, but plan to upgrade you can find details about the next-gen enhancements here.

If you would like to read what we thought about For Honor, our review can be found here.

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