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Destiny 2: How to Get Bottom Dollar Hand Cannon

bottom dollar hand cannon, how to get

Destiny 2: How to Get Bottom Dollar Hand Cannon

Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen has arrived and, as usual, there are plenty of new exotics, weapons, and armor to collect. Even in spite of the sunsetting of some classic Dawn weapons. It is what it is… Anyway, if you’re here, you’re probably wondering how to get Bottom Dollar in Destiny 2, a new hand cannon that was added during Season of the Chosen. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Get Bottom Dollar Hand Cannon in Destiny 2

The Bottom Dollar hand cannon is a brand new weapon added during Season of the Chosen. It’s an aggressive frame, void energy weapon. This means it has high impact, but also high recoil and a lower magazine. In other words, it hits hard, but make sure to make your shots count.

Bottom Dollar isn’t too hard to get, you just might need to grind a bit. It’s a possible drop as a reward from completing Gambit matches. In addition, when you rank your Gambit Infamy level up, you may receive it as a reward there as well.

It’s quite popular due to aggressive frames being in pretty good shape at the moment and because of the wide range of possible perk combos you can get. Getting a god roll on Bottom Dollar is going to be hard as like Stars in Shadow it has over a dozen possible perks in each of the two slots.

Running through all of the combos here would be pretty much impossible but you can check out Light GG if you want to start putting together in your head your god roll.

That’s all you need to know for how to get Bottom Dollar hand cannon in Destiny 2. For more tips, tricks and FAQs answered, check out our latest Destiny 2 content here, along with our Beyond Light review and Year 4 wiki guide.

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