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Cyber Shadow: How To Parry

cyber shadow parry

Cyber Shadow: How To Parry

Stylishly jumping all around the screen dodging enemies and projectiles in Cyber Shadow certainly looks cool. But that won’t always be practical as you get into the later stages of the game. Here’s everything you need to know about how to parry in Cyber Shadow.

How To Parry in Cyber Shadow

The parry in Cyber Shadow is quite simple on paper, but there’s much more nuance and complexity in practice. Sure, you can just wait for a projectile to get close enough in order to parry, but that might not always be your best option (especially if you have the Salvager).

But before diving into when to use it, you’ll need to know how to get it. The parry in Cyber Shadow is unlocked after you defeat the boss named Vessel Defense System. This power fills in the second to last spot in the pause menu.

In order to use the parry, you need to find an enemy that fires projectiles. Right before a projectile hits Shadow, you have to hit left or right on the d-pad in the direction of the bullet. The spacing and timing are somewhat precise, but as long as you’re not just holding left or right, then you should be able to parry.

This will turn the enemy’s projectile into a blue orb that you can hit back at them. However, this counter-attack can only fly in a straight line, so it may not always hit its target. You’ll need to jump and parry some projectiles midair in order to hit certain enemies.

Later in the game, the Dragon Shrine will upgrade this power. Using Charge Slash on the parried enemy projectile will turn it into three small homing projectiles.

That’s all there is to know about how to parry in Cyber Shadow. It’s not always entirely clear what can and can’t be parried, but here’s a tip: pretty much every projectile can be parried.

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