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Bowser’s Fury Scamper Shores Shines Guide: How to Get All Cat Shines

scamper shores cat shines guide

Bowser’s Fury Scamper Shores Shines Guide: How to Get All Cat Shines

There are five Cat Shines to collect from the Scamper Shores island in Bowser’s Fury, and these will go a long way to helping you knock Bowser out of his tantrum once and for all. In this guide, we’ll talk you through how to get all Scamper Shores Shines in Bowser’s Fury, so you can 100% the island and get that golden Mario flag on its lighthouse.

How to Get All Scamper Shores Shines in Bowser’s Fury

Here’s a breakdown of all the requirements necessary in order to get all five Scamper Shores Shines:

Make the Lighthouse Shine

This one’s by far the simplest. For this one, all you need to do is reach the lighthouse at the end/ top of the island.

The path there is pretty straightforward, so it shouldn’t cause you too much trouble. Use a Bell power-up to transform into Cat Mario if you’re having problems reaching the lighthouse, as its climb ability is very useful.

Fury Shadow by the Shore – Scamper Shores Shines Guide

Upon making the lighthouse shine, you’ll then be able to take on this challenge. You’ll see a Shadow Luigi by the shore when you return to Scamper Shores’ ‘entrance.’

scamper shores cat shines

All you need to do is chase after him and hit him three times. For this, we recommend using the Power Flower, as the fireballs you can throw with Y are particularly effective. Also, don’t forget to press and hold Y to dash to help you catch up with him.

Key to the Cat Shine

After reaching the lighthouse, you’ll also notice a Cat Shine in a cage at the beginning of Scamper Shores. To unlock it, you need to find the key somewhere in the level, and carefully return it.

We advise hitting the ? blocks next to the cage, as they give you the Propeller Box, which allows Mario to jump high into the air and slowly hover back down.

scamper shores cat shines

To find the key make your way towards the Scamper Shores lighthouse. Just to the right of it, next to the winding path upwards, you’ll find the key.

scamper shores cat shines

Now simply make your way back to the cage at the start of the level (without jumping in the water) to open up the cage and grab the Cat Shine. Jumping in the water causes Mario to drop it and takes it back to its original location, so be careful!

Five Cat Shine Shards – Scamper Shores Shines Guide

There are five Cat Shine Shards that you need to collect around Scamper Shores in order to get this Cat Shine. We’ve listed each of their locations below:

1. From the arch entrance, follow the wooden boardwalk around until you can see this rotating red metal panel to your left.

Use Cat Mario to climb onto it just as its about to rotate, and you’ll be flipped to the Cat Shine Shard on the other side.

scamper shores cat shines

2. When you reach the first rotating metal panel, climb up to the top of it, and then jump back towards the way you came at the top. The Cat Shine Shard is hiding on the wooden ledge.

3. When you reach the second rotating metal panel, use Cat Mario to climb up the panel or the wall next to it, and then wall jump off to get the Shard hovering in the air.

scamper shores cat shines

4. Just around the corner from the last Shard, you’ll find a bunch of boxes. Destroy the boxes to find a ledge you can drop down onto with another Cat Shine Shard.

5. The fifth and final Cat Shine Shard can be found atop the red rotating metal panels by the lighthouse. For these, use Cat Mario to climb to the top of one and then jump to the next.

scamper shores cat shines

As long as you jump from the very top of the panel, you should get the Shard, and unlock this Scamper Shores Cat Shine Shard in the process, as long as you’ve found the other four.

Blast the Fury Blocks

On the far east side of the island, you’ll find a number of Fury Blocks (metal blocks that have Bowser’s face on them) embedded into the side of the island.

scamper shores cat shines

When Bowser appears, run over to this location and stand in front of it. Bowser’s flamethrower will destroy the blocks, revealing the Cat Shine behind them.

scamper shores cat shines

For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our guide wiki, search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our coverage on the game below.

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