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Bungie & Riot Collaborate In Legal Case Against Cheating Software Distributor GatorCheats

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Bungie & Riot Collaborate In Legal Case Against Cheating Software Distributor GatorCheats

Developers Bungie and Riot Games are taking legal action against a cheating software creators called GatorCheat, whom they believe have made “tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars” selling cheats.

The news comes by way of a report from Polygon earlier this week, which notes that the malicious software for both Destiny 2 and Valorant is being sold at $90USD a month, $250 for three months, or $500 USD for lifetime access.

The lawsuit is actually visible to the public and can be viewed here. A section reads in part:

“The Cheating Software enables players to manipulate Valorant and Destiny 2 to their personal advantage, such as by automatically aiming weapons, revealing the locations of opponents, and allowing the player to see a vast array of information that otherwise would be obscured”.

This isn’t the first time a developer has gone after GatorCheats. Polygon notes that Bungie has previously issued a cease and desist notice to the company, which prompted GatorCheats to vow it would stop selling the software and only support those who had already purchased it.

However, Bungie’s lawyers believe GatorCheats has continued to sell the product through a hidden section of its website.

Polygon later reached out to Riot for a statement and was told the following by a spokesperson:

“Cheating undermines a game’s competitive integrity and erodes community trust. Riot is wholly committed to upholding these values for its players, so when we become aware of a cheat maker, you bet we’re going to go after them.”

In related Valorant news this week, Riot Games is preparing to launch the game’s second episode of content, which includes an all-new Agent, balancing changes, and a major overhaul to its competitive mode.

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