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Watch Dogs Legion: Where to Find John Wick (Professional Hitman)


Watch Dogs Legion: Where to Find John Wick (Professional Hitman)

Set in near-future London, Watch Dogs Legion is the third main entry in Ubisoft’s sci-fi open world series. In this game, players can recruit virtually any NPC they encounter in the open world, and even play as them for the entirety of the story. Of course, there are some NPCs that will be more useful than others in terms of abilities and perks. Here’s where to find the professional hitman, or John Wick in Watch Dogs Legion.

Where to Find John Wick in Watch Dogs Legion

Similar to the spy, the professional hitman (John Wick) can be obtained in one of two ways: either by liberating a borough for a guaranteed recruit, or by finding one in the open world. We’ll go through both methods quickly down below.

Liberating Boroughs

First off, you can get a guaranteed John Wick by liberating the Nine Elms borough. All you have to do is do the three required tasks in that borough, as listed on your map, and you’ll unlock a borough defiance mission.

After completing that mission, the professional hitman will be automatically added to your roster and you’ll be able to swap to them whenever you want to.

Recruiting in the Open World

However, if you have permadeath enabled in Watch Dogs Legion and you happen to get your John Wick killed, it’s still possible to recruit one in the open world. This is a little trickier, though, as these skilled operatives aren’t very easy to find.

Thanks to a tip from reddit user breakfastcrusade, it looks like there is a somewhat reliable spawn point for the professional hitman in the game. First, you’ll want to fast travel to Brewer St station in Westminster.

watch dogs legion, professional hitman

After that, just cross the street to Club Fantasy, then look in the alleyway to see if you can get John Wick to spawn. You may have to reload this area a few times, and try coming back during the night to get them to spawn.

watch dogs legion, professional hitman, john wick watch dogs legion

That’s all you need to know about how to get John Wick in Watch Dogs Legion. Be sure to check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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