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PlayStation 5: How to Charge PS5 Controller

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PlayStation 5: How to Charge PS5 Controller

The PlayStation 5 is finally a thing that’s happening. The next-gen is here and it’s big… literally, the consoles are huge. While a lot of things are different with the new consoles, some things have stayed the same. Here is our guide for how to charge your PS5 controller.

How to Charge PS5 Controller

The PS5 Dual Sense controller is quite different from the PS4’s model. It’s got a slightly different shape, it’s got a new coat of paint, and most notably it features the new haptic feedback triggers meant to enhance immersion in various games that support it.

That said, the process for charging the controllers is the same. You have two options just as you did last gen. You can either plug in your controller to the PS5 using the USB charging cable that came with the console/controller (or a third-party one if you lost it).

Or you can purchase a charging station that is generally plugged into a wall outlet for power. You can pick up one made by Sony, or opt for a third-party one once they start trickling out.

You’ll want to remember to charge your controller. With the Haptic Feedback enabled you’re likely to burn through the controller battery a bit quicker than you did on the PS4, so just remember to keep those PS5 controllers charged.

Also, consider turning off your controller when you’re not using it but want to leave the PS5 on for whatever reason. I personally have probably destroyed my PS4 controllers’ battery life leaving it on all night long while letting Hulu run in the background.

That’s all you need to know for how to charge your PS5 controller. Try to stay on top of it so you never run out of juice while in the middle of a game!

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