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Who Is Marvel’s Moon Knight? Everything You Need to Know

Moon knight

Who Is Marvel’s Moon Knight? Everything You Need to Know

The world of DC and Marvel comics is vast and filled to the brim with all kinds of colorful heroes, villains, and non-powered characters. But while you might know who Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man are, some lesser-known heroes are still just as cool as the ones we’ve seen on the big screen.

Enter Moon Knight, the superhero clad in an all-white costume who looks like Batman’s complete opposite. And while they share many similarities like their gadgets and rich personas, they couldn’t be more different.

Moon Knight has grown in popularity over the years and even has his own series with Disney+ in the works reportedly set to cast Oscar Isaac in the lead role. While fans are excited, many might be scratching their heads, wondering who Moon Knight even is.

So we put together this helpful small bio if you don’t want to be left out of the loop when everyone starts talking about him!


Moon Knight Explained

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Created by Doug Moench and Don Perlman in 1975, Moonlight is a Marvel superhero who first appeared in Werewolf by Midnight #32. His real name is Marc Spector, and before becoming Moon Knight, he worked as a mercenary.

After being betrayed by one of his friends while doing mercenary work, his body was dumped in the Egyptian desert. He was later found and brought to a tomb where the statue of the moon god Khonshu resided.

Although he was thought to be dead, Marc awoke and said that he had a vision that Khonshu offered him a second chance at life if he became his earthly avatar.

Agreeing, Marc is then resurrected to serve as the Moon Knight of vengeance. He then left his life as a mercenary behind and went to live in New York City and took up crime-fighting.

Perhaps one of the most notable things about Moon Knight is the fact that he has severe dissociative identity disorder. Marc has created multiple identities for himself, including being a millionaire entrepreneur, a taxi cab driver, and the titular Moon Knight.

His disorder and military experience make for quite the terrifying combination when you realize he doesn’t always have the same moral code as other heroes. He’s prone to be extremely violent and doesn’t hesitate to kill if deemed necessary.

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