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Star Wars Squadrons: What the Max Level Cap Is

star wars squadrons max level cap

Star Wars Squadrons: What the Max Level Cap Is

Star Wars Squadrons‘ multiplayer is where you’re likely going to spend most of your time. Here, you’ll be able to earn Requisition and Glory to unlock more cosmetic items and Starfighter gear to help make your perfect loadout and look for your ship. Of course, all of this is tied into the progression system, and as such some players may be wondering what the max level cap is in Star Wars Squadrons.

What the Max Level Cap Is in Star Wars Squadrons

Cutting right to the chase, the max level cap in Star Wars Squadrons is 40.

While we’ve yet to confirm if you can go above this level, once players reach level 40, they’ll have enough Requisition to unlock every single cosmetic item like new Starfighters and gear in the game. As such, once you reach level 40, any further progress you make will simply just reflect the number by your name.

As soon as we can confirm what the max level cap is in Star Wars Squadrons, we’ll update this post and let you know. For now, though just know that level 40 is the goal you need to reach in order to unlock every last cosmetic in the game.

It’s also worth pointing out here that we’re talking about your account level, and not the Fleet Battle Rank that you’ll get over the course of each Operation’s eight-week duration.

How to Reach Level 40 Fast

You level up by earning XP in Star Wars Squadrons’ multiplayer. You’ll earn XP for quite literally anything and everything. We’ve listed a few methods below:

  • Getting Kills
  • Avoiding Missile Locks
  • Assists
  • Match Wins
  • Completing Objectives
  • Supporting Teammates

In other words, perform well in a match and you’ll earn a ton of XP which will help increase your level. You’ll earn Requisition each time you level up, which can be spent on all those cosmetics. Glory, on the other hand, is earned by completing Daily Challenges and improving your Fleet Battle Rank each Operation.

That’s everything you need to know on what the Star Wars Squadrons max level cap is. For more tips, tricks, and guides head on over to our guide wiki, search for Twinfinite, or browse through more of our coverage on the game below.

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