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Fortnite Heart Lake Location: Where to Catch Fish in Heart Lake

fortnite heart lake location guide

Fortnite Heart Lake Location: Where to Catch Fish in Heart Lake

One of the week 9 challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 tasks players with catching fish in Heart Lake. The problem is, Heart Lake isn’t a named location and instead you’ll need to seek it out yourself. In this guide, we’re going to talk you through where the Fortnite Heart Lake location is so you know where to catch fish to complete the challenge.

Fortnite Heart Lake Location

Heart Lake is a place of interest on the Battle Royale map. It’s part of the Upstate New York section of the map, where Stark Industries can also be found.

fortnite heart lake

Heart Lake itself is right in the center of this elevated section of Fortnite’s map. It can be found in map grid references: F2, F3, G2 and G3. We’ve circled it on the map above.

Why is it called Heart Lake? Because if you look down on it facing east, it kind of looks like a heart shape.

How to Catch a Fish at Heart Lake Fast & Easy

On its east side, you’ll find a hut with a little jetty. Head here to pick up a fishing rod and then cast it into any of the areas of bubbling water within Heart Lake itself.

catch fish at heart lake

Once you’ve caught a single fish, you should complete the week 9 challenge, earning yourself a nice chunk of XP in the process.

Keep in mind that there will probably be a fair few other people in the surrounding area as they try and complete the challenge too. Other players may just head to hotspot locations for the week 9 challenges to rack up some easy eliminations, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled when heading to Heart Lake in Fortnite.

Outside of that, there’s little else to tell you. If you’re looking for a full breakdown of the week 9 challenges you can head here, or there’s our Fortnitemares 2020 challenge guide for those looking to get their spook on!

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