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FFXIV: How to Get & Use Bozjan Field Notes

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FFXIV: How to Get & Use Bozjan Field Notes

Patch 5.35 is finally out for Final Fantasy XIV, and it introduces a brand new instanced area called the Bozjan Southern Front. With this new content drop, players can finally strengthen their Relic weapons and also explore the new area for further rewards. Here’s how to get and use the Field Notes in FFXIV’s Bozjan Southern Front.

Getting and Using Bozja Field Notes in FFXIV

When you enter the Bozjan Southern Front, you’ll be able to kill Garlean warmachina enemies, and participate in Skirmishes and Critical Engagements. Each time you kill an enemy, you have a chance of obtaining Field Notes on them.

These Field Notes will appear in your inventory, and you can select and use them like any other item. Once used, you’ll be able to check them out in your Collections menu, and they basically provide you with more information and lore about the Bozjan Southern Front, as well as the enemy that you obtained the Notes from.

In addition to Skirmishes and Critical Engagements, it’s worth noting that there are a handful of Field Notes that can only be obtained in Castrum Lacus Litore, which requires you to get to Resistance rank 10. If you’re planning on collecting them all, you’ll need to spend some time in the Bozjan Southern Front.

However, as you’re farming enemies in this area, you’ll inevitably get duplicates, which can be turned in for rewards. In the Bozjan Southern Front, speak with the Resistance Historian NPC and you can turn in your duplicates for a Southern Front Lockbox.

Lockboxes can then be opened by talking to the Locksmith NPC nearby, and you’ll gain a random reward from them. Considering that the new Gabriel Alpha mount can only be obtained from Lockboxes, it’s definitely worth your time to turn these in and try your luck with opening them.

That’s all you need to know about how to get and use Bozjan Field Notes in FFXIV. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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