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This Is Fine Dog Is Now a Funko Pop Figure

this is fine dog funko pop figure

This Is Fine Dog Is Now a Funko Pop Figure

Entertainment Earth has announced a new, exclusive Funko Pop figurine that will make for the perfect gift in the year that is 2020. The This is Fine Dog that was made famous thanks to the popular internet meme is now available for pre-order and is expected to ship sometime in December 2020 –just in time for the holidays!

Even if things around you are literally on fire or if other parts of your life are spiraling out of control, you can just take a look at this dog that’s doing fine and hopefully gain inspiration or a burst of positivity in your life.

Buy it for a friend. Buy it for your mom. Buy it for yourself because you know that you’re worth it and that you deserve it.

You can pre-order the Funko Pop figure right here for just $13.99. Make sure to grab it while you still can!

While you’re at it, make sure to check out this inflatable rubber Pikachu toy that you can ride… sort of. It’s also just a perfect gift for someone that’s isolating themselves right now.

You can also look into these Funko Pop figurines for Jin Sakai, Kratos, and that Bloodborne Hunter guy.

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