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Monster Hunter Rise Gets New Videos Showcasing Dog-Riding, Wall-Climbing, & More

monster hunter rise

Monster Hunter Rise Gets New Videos Showcasing Dog-Riding, Wall-Climbing, & More

During TGS 2020 Online, Capcom showed off some new videos for Monster Hunter Rise, the latest mainline title that’s coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch.

The videos aren’t all brand-new, as most of it was footage from the original reveal trailer during a Nintendo Direct last week, but there are some action moments and gameplay that’s entirely brand-new.

You can watch the first video here that showcases the world of Monster Hunter Rise, some weapon gameplay, some of the new monsters, and a lot more.

There was also over a minute of wall-traversing gameplay, which looks extremely cool. We also get some gorgeous views of the surrounding locales.

And then we also got new footage of the doggo partners that will be assisting you on your quest alongside your Palico. These creatures are called Palamute and can provide new offensive possibilities and you can ride on them to get places faster.

Here’s an official description of the game via Capcom’s official site:

Remove all barriers to the hunting action with no loading between each combat area. Traverse each map like never before with new tools for mobility and exploration. And completely new monsters, bringing new thrills and excitement! Get ready for a hunting experience unlike anything before!

Monster Hunter Rise launches on Mar 26, 2021, and, like other Monster Hunter titles, will support four-player online co-op play.

If you would like to see all of the monsters that have been confirmed for the game so far, check out this feature here.

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