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Turns Out That Jump Rope Challenge Isn’t Getting Delisted After All [UPDATED]

P.T., jump rope challenge

Turns Out That Jump Rope Challenge Isn’t Getting Delisted After All [UPDATED]

Update: Nintendo of America announced last night via a Tweet that Jump Rope Challenge will not be removed from the Switch eShop and will be available for download “until further notice.”

You can find the original article below.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Nintendo thought it would be a good idea to release Jump Rope Challenge to the world. It’s a free downloadable title that’s available on the Switch eShop that lets you use Joy-Con to exercise by hopping with a virtual jump rope.

It’s a fun little game that encourages children and even adults to stay active during these troubled times when it can be challenging to get outside and work out somewhere.

The thing is though, Jump Rope Challenge is getting delisted from the eShop tomorrow, which means that you will not be able to download it ever again. If you’ve already downloaded the game, then you have nothing to worry about, but if not, make sure to grab it while you still can.

Who knows? Maybe you can end up selling your Switch console with Jump Rope Challenge installed for like a million dollars or something. I mean, people are still trying to sell PS4’s on eBay with P.T. installed. This could end up being a very special game that only a select people still own down the line.

You can check out more info on the game here. Just head over to the eShop to download it. And always make sure to stretch before getting into any physical activities.

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